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Winter Evening Ride

46 km  x4
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A lovely warm evening and a warm welcome to Simon Haly on his first Corallian ride.

Only five of us again tonight. Really odd as it was really warm and calm. Many Corallian's missed a great ride. Where were you all???

The roads were quite greasy to start with and both Guy and Simon had earlier spills before meeting us in Wantage. Guy came off on his way to the ride. Luckily there were no injuries or damage.

We set off at a good pace and followed the planned route without a hitch, that is until I was too busy nattering and missed a turn. After a little re-routing we blasted down the A338 to Garford where Guy left us to get back to West Hanney. We actually saw him again when we got to Hanney so he might as well have stayed with us through Garford. Hey Ho.

The rest of the ride went without issue, we dropped Simon off at Denchworth and made our way back to a yobbo and boy racer filled market place in Wantage - Lovely.

A really good ride! More Corallians on the rides to come please.