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Uzes Holiday - Tavel

73 km  x3
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A split ride today - those who had not done enough distance or climbing extended to Mt Bouquet after a delayed lunch - check out their report...

Two guest riders today, Colin came back for some more, and we welcomed old friend Doug Stoddart, another expatriate and entrepreneur at Bike Rental Manager for the morning.

The day starts with an undulating trip onto and across the garrigue where, for the first time, we were treated to a northerly wind - the infamous Mistral. Coffee in Tavel was nice and leisurely, followed by a slog into the wind up to Saint Laurent des Arbres where we managed to get some baguettes a emporter for lunch. At this point the ride (Chairman + others - naughty people) decided to ride off and leave the ride leader and a couple of others, completely missing the planned lunch stop. Anyhow, we eventually regrouped, found an alternative bit of shade and then split the ride where the trio heading to Mont Bouquet (the Three Bucketeers) could crack on.

The rest of the ride carried on at a lovely leisurely pace and stopped at Colin's house on the way past for some well-earned refreshments, before returning to Uzes.

A lovely holiday in the sunshine (we did get a few drops of rain on one day, but it was less than 10 drops, and lasted for all of 20 seconds) with plenty of undulating and downright hilly terrain to test the legs, lungs and resolve. Thanks to everyone for their company, friendship and laughs! And I didn't even mention tunnels or armwarmers (well, I did once, but I think I might have got away with it!)