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Corallian Crusade Route Check

105 km  x2  x1
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It was short notice that I decided to do the route check today so just Chris was available and I was glad of the company.

A chilly, bright but mostly overcast ride without incident. Just a few minor corrections to the route sheet required, some tree trimming to reveal a hidden signpost and miracle upon miracles a missing signpost having been replaced :o

We stopped for refreshments at Bampton Garden Plants, I'm sure the audax riders will be impressed with the new bike shed. Chris Allen had ridden out to Bampton too on his own ride, it was good to see him and have a chat.

The landlord of The Talbot was enthusiastic about the event which was good. Less good was the standard of driving from there to Farmoor which is always atrocious TBF.

We stopped for ice creams in Stanford-in-the-Vale and made it back to Uffington around 3pm, which gave me time to get home and cut the grass :)