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Morning ride to Ramsbury

58 km  x6  x4
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There was a little drizzle in the air before we set off, but the gloomy weather lifted to give us superb views on our climb up Sparsholt Firs, and then down the glorious Sheepdrove road. Then up Baydon Road, with John proclaiming this to be a new route, the first of many for him today. After the descent into Aldbourne and along the flat, we had a last climb up to Ramsbury where excellent coffee 'n' cake was waiting.

More climbing followed, and legs got a little wearier, including the A338 up to the top of the Ridgeway. By this time the sun was out and although the headwind was still rather tough, it may be starting to feel a little like Spring. Overall, a pretty quick ride considering the hilliness and the wind - well done to all.

Lunch was very welcome at Costa in Wantage, where we lost Andy for the afternoon...