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Test Valley

90 km  x5  x10  x1
Ride Category
A cool and cloudy day but dry throughout. Five riders set off south from Tadley, welcome to Richard on his first Corallian ride and Phil on his first ride since the autumn.

The toughest hills were early in the ride, a couple of very steep sections soon "warmed" us up! We then joined the River Test from Whitchurch which was then within sight for most of the way to Stockbridge.

A Corallian breakfast at Lillies in Stockbridge was polished off (can highly recommend the Stockbridge Sausage) and then it was a flattish ride back to Tadley. A couple of lumps towards the end.

Nearly the whole ride was accomplished on quiet lanes with no incidents to report other than a bizarre incident with a driver who didn't seem to be sure what country she was driving in and decided to play chicken with us whilst pointing for us to pass both sides of her, Phil unfortunately ending up falling in the verge trying to avoid a collison in the confusion :(

Thanks for coming along, a very chilled and enjoyable ride :)


Winter Evening Ride

43 km  x2
Ride Category
Weather conditions were ideal for a very pleasant bike ride tonight. Just the two of us clocking up the miles and enjoying a good old chat. What cycling is all about :)


56 km  x3  x2
Ride Category
The forecast looked OK - no snow today. To make up for it was the cold, and the easterly wind. Anyhow, there wasn't too much opposition to a change of plan and a trade of Streatley Hill for the Vale.

The headwind past Hinton Waldrist was quite biting, so thank you to Jez for battling us along there. A very nice Corallian breakfast followed at Bampton Garden Centre, with the heater on at full blast to thaw out frozen feet.

Surprise of the day was the snow when we got outside again. Still, it gave us the imperative to get our heads down for the return to Wantage.


Committee Meeting


Winter Evening Ride

41 km  x3
Ride Category
A chilly night loomed ahead as the 3 riders (a very warm welcome to Simon on his first Corallian ride) left Wantage and headed toward Abingdon. Only a very slight headwind on the way out and a pleasant downward gradient on the way back. No issues to report apart from cold feet and a weird noise randomly emanating from the rear of my bike.
Another great winter ride in the bag that will hopefully improve fitness for summer.


107 km  x7  x1
Ride Category
Great to see Louis out on a ride with Corallian - welcome! Des joined the ride as far as Longcot and then diverted home, dreaming of warmer climes, and the rest of the group carried on, leaving the mist of the Vale behind.

The Coln Valley provided some gorgeous views as we skirted the Cotswolds in a somewhat bumpier phase of the ride.

Barry is the new "King of the tyres made from soft cheese" and suffered two blow-outs before we arrived for Sunday lunch, at the delightful Lechlade Garden Centre.

After lunch we had a spirited ride along that very straight road to Kelmscott, and back into more familiar territory up the Corallian and home via Pusey.


Winter Evening Ride

49 km  x2  x1
Ride Category
Two riders braved the iffy conditions (raining at the start). Just beyond Challow John suffered a pothole induced blowout, fortunately within limping distance of the garage forecourt for a dry and well lit repair.

After that the rain stopped, the Moon came out and we had a chilled ride around the Vale. A couple of light rain showers near the end tried to dampen our spirits but failed miserably.


Curryallian Evening

Trump. Brexit. Dancing. Speleology. An evening of diverse conversation was in direct contrast to the gang of four, 75% of whom drove silver Volvo estates of varying ages to get to the Elaichi. Most enjoyable.

Rollright Stones

78 km  x4  x5
Ride Category
A fair but chilly start at Woodstock for the four riders. With the forecast for rain later decisions about jackets and gloves were required!

We had a very pleasant ride north via lots of Cotswold villages in the dry with actually some blue sky in the distance. The toughest lumpy section was just before the planned stop and it just started to drizzle as we arrived at Wyatts Farm Shop bang on 11am as planned.

Very quiet in the café today so a quick service of bacon baps and as we heard the rain on the roof most had seconds of cake!

Starting off was quite chilly and the rain, although not heavy, was steady so we glimpsed the Rollright Stones through the hedge but decided to stop another time.

The ride back through Chipping Norton and Charlbury was steady and so was the rain by now. So we got a bit of a move on and was back in Woodstock in plenty of time and just before the worst of the rain started.

A very pleasant route, lots of views and quiet lanes. Will definitely repeat a version of this ride in the summer.


Winter Evening Ride

35 km  x2  x1
Ride Category
As expected with the cold icy weather forecast and people otherwise engaged there were only two of us tonight.

The ride was brisk with no issues and even the gritter lorries were considerate.

We arrived at a very busy Chequers pub in Charney for a well-earned drink and chat in the warmth of the bar.