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122 km  x7
Ride Category
Ooops - I can't believe I forgot to ride a report for this one!

We had a strong group, so managed a good pace to Wallingford, where I nodded an acknowledgement to a rider outside Bunkfest... it wasn't untilwe got to Benson that I realised it was Jez, who'd ridden over from Reading. To be fair he was incognito in a jersey I'd not seen him in before.

Up onto the Chilterns and the pain of Britwell Hill was dispatched without too much swearing. Undulations followed all the way to Hambledon Weir at Mill End, which features a cleat-scuffing stroll across the top of the weir to get to the path through Remenham to Henley, just in time for a Corallian Breakfast in the sunshine.

Ascending back up to the Chilterns a second time was tough in the heat, so after we said goodbye to Jez around Christmas Common, and ice-cream stop in Goring was very happily taken. Back on more familiar lanes, the McMillan Machine gave himself a bit of a stretch back to Wantage while the rest of us ambled back at a more appropriate rate for the heat.

Wednesday Evening Ride

31 km  x11  x1
Ride Category
Good-sized group for the last summer Wednesday ride of the season. While we were spread out at several points the time differences were small which allowed a fast ride for the terrain. Or maybe it was the attraction of the Fox at the end! Either way we finished 15 mins earlier than I thought we would. Fresh tarmac on Denchworth Road was much appreciated. Thanks to everyone for a very enjoyable evening.

Corallian Crusade Route Check

105 km  x2  x1
Ride Category
It was short notice that I decided to do the route check today so just Chris was available and I was glad of the company.

A chilly, bright but mostly overcast ride without incident. Just a few minor corrections to the route sheet required, some tree trimming to reveal a hidden signpost and miracle upon miracles a missing signpost having been replaced :o

We stopped for refreshments at Bampton Garden Plants, I'm sure the audax riders will be impressed with the new bike shed. Chris Allen had ridden out to Bampton too on his own ride, it was good to see him and have a chat.

The landlord of The Talbot was enthusiastic about the event which was good. Less good was the standard of driving from there to Farmoor which is always atrocious TBF.

We stopped for ice creams in Stanford-in-the-Vale and made it back to Uffington around 3pm, which gave me time to get home and cut the grass :)


Welcome Ride

53 km  x10  x1
Ride Category
An impressive turnout of eleven riders, despite the poor forecast. Welcome to Owen Killminster on his second Corallian ride, and Karl Blake on his first. For once, the meteorologists got it right: it started to rain bang on 9 a.m. and just got heavier and heavier throughout the morning. A character-building ride. Richard took a short detour up the A420 at the Longworth roundabout but soon regained the fold. We dripped into R&R in Abingdon for refreshment, although Andy and Claire elected to head straight home, having ridden to the start. “Fastest route home” was the collective decision, so we turned right in Steventon and crossed Cow Common. By this time the road edges were flooding and passing cars threw-up impressive sprays of water to add to the general feeling of comfort and wellbeing. Inevitably the group split a little in the final stages; indeed, given the atrocious conditions, it would have been difficult and dangerous to hold a strict peloton. All riders safely accounted for at the finish, however, and no significant incidents to report. My bike is looking remarkably clean, if a little damp.

Wednesday Evening Ride

40 km  x10
Ride Category
Eleven riders tonight including Paul Jarvis joining us, good to see you Paul!

A warm, mainly overcast but bright evening, a few glimpses of the Sun. We took the rarely cycled lumpy route to the Letcombes which made a nice and quieter change from the usual route. We all took Hackpen at our own pace and enjoyed the run down to Lambourn.

A sharp turn up Sheepdrove to regain the lost altitude and everyone seemed to enjoy the mostly traffic free route over the downs.

A drop to Sparsholt, a spirited dash down from Childrey and we returned to Wantage via Circourt Road and Denchworth. The road through Wantage was closed for resurfacing so we had to use the shared path and had a good view of the machinery tearing up the road surface. We can look forward to a smoother journey down there next time!

All finished off with a (beer) in the KAH just as the Sun was setting. Perfect :)


Away Ride - Hungerford

113 km  x6
Ride Category
Louis and Jordan rode over to Hungerford - there were a few spots of rain in the air, but nothing much. After loop of West Berkshire to warm up, we got to the Combe Gibbett climb and descent - no dramas on either. From there on it was a lovely ride through the Hampshire lanes, together with the first diversion of the day at Vernham Dean.

Then up Conholt Hill - this one gives for ever and ever, it seems. Wiltshire was delightful, and we arrived at the Cafe Delight in Tidmarsh bang on lunchtime, for a traditional Corallian Fry-up.

The stretch to Bulford was into a brutal headwind - thank to everyone who did a turn on the front. We then had our second detour of the day, taking us all the way out to Pewsey, where a quick coffee and cake stop saved the day.

Lovely riding and super company, and as a bonus, Corallians have now ridden more km this club year than last... with 6 weeks to go - great effort!


Wednesday Evening Ride

42 km  x9
Ride Category
The evenings are drawing in now, but that didn't stop a good turnout. Although there was a little breeze, it didn't hinder at all, and allowed a bit of a charge from Gainfield to Pusey with the wind on our backs. Delightfully, it didn't really impede us on the way back either.

It was a very laid back affair at the KAH for after-ride rehydration (beer)... and I must say a big thank-you to all riders for making it such a stress-free ride to lead (clap).


Morning Ride

56 km  x6
Ride Category
There were five of us and a prospective new member, Owen. The rain was not as bad as forecast. A "brisk" pace was set, but everyone seemed to be happy with it. We followed the route round to Shrivenham and all made it up Ashbury hill in fine style. Owing to the southerly wind it was a bit of a fight down the hill into Lambourn. We went to Honesty in Lambourn and it was empty (honest), then enjoyed the following wind all the way back up to the top of Hackpen. Jordan enjoyed it so much he did it twice!

Wednesday Evening Ride

45 km  x5
Ride Category
This summer's weather continues to confound. It was raining heavily when I arrived in Wantage. I skulked in the car for five minutes, cursing my lack of mudguards and waterproofs. It relented a little for the gathering, then we had five minutes of light rain just as we left. As this was a strong group, we agreed to abandon the speed guidelines for a blue ride. Those smug riders wearing waterproofs had to remove them before too long as body temperatures rose. The group rode in compact fashion until Ashbury. With a tailwind, the dogs were let off the lead along the Springline. There was a re-group at the foot of Blowingstone and from there order was mostly restored back to Wantage for a restorative pint at KAH. Excellent ride: thanks guys.

All Day Ride

110 km  x7
Ride Category
Yet another beautiful day without much wind and lots of sunshine....maybe even a little too hot, but not too bad once you were cycling. An uneventful ride through three counties, without too many nasty hills, just quite a few not so nasty ones. We enjoyed a good late breakfast at Woodborough Garden Centre and bought the last of the ice creams and ice lollies at Crofton. No mechanicals and got back to Wantage in good time.