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Wednesday Evening Ride

53 km  x7  x1
Ride Category
Much cooler evening than of late, with a fresh Northerly breeze. The peleton pushed the blue rating hard, but it was an evening for keeping warm rather than lingering. No drama - thanks for the company!

Blowingstone-Boomerang Audax

53 km  x2  x3
Ride Category
Good to see Hugo back after his nasty fall on an audax recently. He accompanied Olivia around the shorter of the two Blowingstone audax events today. An eclectic mix of bicycles on this ride including a sit up and beg and a Brompton.

On the longer ride six Corallians rode (Jordan, Barry, Richard S, Louis, Nick S, Mike F).

Thanks to Chris and Des for manning the Marlborough control and taking photos. Nick, John, June, Tracey and Jasmine for controlling the HQ.

Blowingstone-White Horse Audax

104 km  x6
Ride Category
Eighty four riders completed the event this year and over ££450 was raised for local charities. Perfect conditions, not too hot and barely any wind. The sting in the tail up the White Horse at the end of the ride got a few mentions :)

Thanks to Chris and Des for photos and manning the Marlborough control, Tracey and June for keeping the kitchen going, Jasmine for photos and all-round help at the HQ.

Wednesday Evening Ride

40 km  x8
Ride Category
A nice flat route with no incidents. It was nice to see John and Olivia and all the other riders in the group. It was a quick ride with everyone consenting to the pace and the group stayed together well.We finished off with a visit to the King Alfred's Head. A great ride and well done to all!

Under Andover

107 km  x5
Ride Category
Stinking hot, right from the start! At least it was early enough to get the Walbury Hill climb under our belts while the air was still fresh.

Once you hit Hampshire, the downland lanscape changes for the flat roads, crystal-clear chalk streams and the watercress beds. Mercury still rising.

Lunch was a down-market al-fresco affair courtesy of the petrol station at Weyhill - the third choice after earlier options had fallen foul of bank holiday closures, pretty much as expected.

The afternoon was a long sunny climb back into Berkshire, enjoying the windmill perched atop the hill at Wilton, with gleaming new white sails.

Old Shed Red All-day Ride

103 km  x9  x2  x1
Ride Category
So wonderful to be riding in warmth, sunshine and minimal wind: it really felt like summer today. Richard Kidd was welcomed on his first ride with Corallian.

We made excellent progress throughout, arriving at lunch by midday despite a leisurely coffee stop in Chadlington. The Old Shed was a new venue to several Corallians and was universally praised, despite a slight mix-up with the orders.

Richard K left us after lunch to make his own way home. Fully fed and hydrated, the remainder of the group again made good time on the return leg. The leader had to administer admonishment after some spirited off-the-front riding down the lane from Cogges to Stanton Harcourt. Luckily there was a brief stop while Richard H's gear lever was adjusted, which allowed the rest of us to get our breath back.

We made an abortive ice-cream stop at the Maybush - too busy - so opted for the supermarket in Southmoor, where the freezer had just broken and we cleared them out of the remaining goodies before they melted.

By the time we reached Grove the air was alive with the smell of barbeques and lighter fluid! We were back in Wantage just after 3 p.m.

Thanks to Andy and Nick for sweeping duties.

Wednesday Evening Ride

42 km  x4  x2
Ride Category
Super evening taking in a few (quite a few!) of the Berkshire Downs hills south of Wantage. Cool, dry and sunny we dropped back into Wantage via Chain Hill just before sunset.


Blowingstone-Boomerang route-recce

53 km  x3
Ride Category
Another cold and windy ride with black clouds and intermittent drizzle. Roll on Summer. Route-checking all went smoothly. Hills dispatched. One minor mechanical as Chris fiddled with his gears at the top of Blowingstone, having slipped his chain immediately before the climb. I may apply to the Guinness Book of Records for the most horses encountered on a 50km cycle ride. Consternation in the peloton as the cafe in Shrivenham was closed - sorry guys. Do three cyclists constitute a peloton?

Fifth Sunday Ride - Cheddar

91 km  x6  x4
Ride Category
A good turnout on what was a rather nippy morning - with 2/3 of the bikes being shiny titanium (welcome to the club, Dave!).

We got to Sweets cafe in good time (hardly any queue) but food took an age to arrive, with a few no-shows too... and a door that no cyclists could manage to close, so John got the draught perpetually. When we left, the place was heaving with riders and bikes.

Some rain briefly drizzled on us as we started the Cheddar ascent, but it came as quickly as it went, and we cracked on upwards. Fortunately, the weather kept the crowds at bay too, and it was quite a serene climb.

Tea and cake was taken at Chew Lake before we tackled the last few short, sharp climbs. The predicted puncture of Dave's new tyres didn't happen, but John managed to get one instead. The last few km into Shepton Mallet are all delightfully downhill - a fitting end to a ride that had rather a lot of uphill!


Wednesday Evening Ride

47 km  x7
Ride Category
Due to an accident on the A34 the roads were gridlocked which meant I couldn't get to the start. Chris kindly led the group to Denchworth where I had parked up and was frantically fixing a puncture which had mysteriously appeared since I had put my bike in the car after the earlier club ride!!

We got back to the planned route via the Circourt Road and the road to Childrey but we opted to skip Dragon Hill due to the strong blustery wind and the extra distance the detour to Denchworth had added.

It was a tough ride along the spring line road into the wind to Compton Beauchamp where Adrian continued home having cycled over from there earlier. The rarely ridden road down to the Vale made a nice change and then we had a glorious fast run with the tailwind helping including a spirited dash from Baulking.

I left the ride at Denchworth and Chris led the remainder of the ride back. A good ride :)

Blowingstone-White Horse Audax Recce

104 km  x4  x2
Ride Category
This route doesn't get any easier. Today a blustery sou-west wind made forward progress arduous on the outward leg and provided some challenging cross-winds on the big descents. Once we turned to the east at Broad Hinton progress picked-up, although by then the climbing was taking its toll, at least on the leader. Apart from that, weather was generally good, although we caught a heavy shower climbing out of Lambourn. Only a couple of very minor tweaks required to the route-sheet. No incidents or mechanicals to report, except my usual Garmin problems. Must order that Wahoo. Thanks for your company guys.

Welcome Ride

49 km  x14  x2  x1
Ride Category
More lovely sunshine. It would be great if this is the start of a long hot summer - but I fear it is just temporary respite from the bad weather. A good turn out, but who wouldn't want to come out to play when it is so lovely outside? Welcome to Paula and Jerry - so 14 of us in all.

We started with a warm up through the Letcombes and then a climb up Hackpen hill. The wind was against us all the down into Lambourn but it was still a lovely ride with views across the downs. Then along the valley road and much appreciation for the new tarmac around Eastbury, a brief break from calling out all the holes in the road.

We split into two groups at Great Shefford and Terry led the first at a faster pace. On to Boxford and then a left turn to meander up to Brightwalton and then down to Saddlebacks.

Lovely to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy a coffee and sausage sarnie. The final quick blast back to Wantage through Farnborough and then down Chain Hill.