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Wye and Severn

John Talbot - 07752 957363
9:00am at Gloucester
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Third Sunday – An all-day ride starting away from Wantage, so you'll need to either ride or drive out to the start point. The ride will be Blue or Red grade and include lunch and maybe other refreshment stops. The ride should finish by 17:00 (or 30 minutes before sunset during winter months).

An interesting away day ride starting in Gloucester. We cycle through the Forest of Dean, along the Wye Valley, over the Severn Bridge and back along the Severn Valley.

The ride starts at the Castlemeads Car Park on the outskirts of Gloucester (£2 all day) see map link for location. We have a short ride along the A48 before we hit the quieter roads across the Forest of Dean to our first refreshment stop in Coleford.

We join the Wye Valley soon afterwards and follow the river past Tintern Abbey to Chepstow where we will have lunch. This is an iconic section to ride.

After lunch we have the thrilling ride across the Severn Bridge (bring your head for heights!) before turning back towards Gloucester across the flatlands of the Severn Valley. Another comfort/refreshment stop is programmed in at Shepherd's Patch near Slimbridge before returning to the start.

All of the climbing occurs before Chepstow with two main climbs in the Forest of Dean and one at the southern end of the Wye Valley. After lunch the ride is pretty much completely flat so although the ride is 125km it comes in overall under 1x hilly.

There are two short sections of towpath alongside the Gloucester and Sharpness Canal but the surface is pretty good and suitable for all bikes.

Please let me know if you are planning to ride so I can expect you at the start.

6:11 pm   

Winter Wednesdays restart

Chris Walters - 07901 827132
7:00pm at Wantage Market Place
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Winter Wednesday – An evening ride for two hours starting from Wantage, when weather conditions permit. The ride will be Blue grade and will be on the flatter and smoother lanes of the Vale. Good lights are required. May end with a refreshment stop in Wantage.

6:05 pm