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A nippy start, but Chain Hill soon saw the Corallians stripping off. A big bang (Dave Talboys' "tyres made from cheese" made an unwelcome return) just before West Illsley gave us an excuse to faff for a bit, followed by a second bang as the replaced tube herniated at the same hidden spot on the sidewall.

Apple Pie Hill was "enjoyed" by all, and the road down through Ashampstead to Bradfield was all but deserted, treating us to further Autumnal colour displays. A cheeky little stop at Bucklebury Farm Park wasn't as advertised, but coffee and cake hit the spot nicely, and the llamas looked on, bemused.

With only a brief stop to call 999 in Hermitage to report a potential M4 overbridge jumper, we made it back up to the top of Court Hill and into Wantage with the minimum of fuss, albeit with the northerly wind returning to give us something to struggle against. Good company and some solid riding, on what we agreed was rather a hilly ride - well done everyone.