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Away Ride - Kingston on Thames

103 km  x7  x4  x1
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Seven riders today, with a surprise text from Louis just as we were about to set off, he was 5 minutes away, having ridden over from Wantage to Knowle Hill - 60km!

Anyhow, he presented with a flat tyre, his second of the day... and we got away at 9:30. The first fun of the day was getting caught up on Windsor Triathlon - at least we managed to gate-crash the ride part of it and turned off before we were ushered into the T2 zone.

Runnymede was a useful coffee cafe as usual, and we cracked on as far as Staines before Louis' third puncture, this time the front. I hoiked 17 flints out of the front and another one out of the rear. See upcoming thoughts on our Facebook page re tyres....

Puncture 4 was before Sunbury. Confidence in said tyres was now evaporating, and we got to Hampton Court for Louis to divert directly to Kingston in search of a bike shop. Our towpath route was as delightful as ever, and we had just started scoffing al fresco Vietnamese when Louis triumphantly turned up with two new tyres.

The return had ominous skies looming for most of the way, but they were persuaded not to shed a tear on us, which gave us the heart to stop for an ice cream at Virginia Water (after travelling down billionaires row) before the final undulating push back to the cars.


Wednesday Evening Ride

55 km  x6
Ride Category
A well-matched group, so we made good progress throughout despite the early harbingers of Storm Hector providing a blustery headwind on the return leg. There was a sense of deja-vu, as several of us had ridden similar roads with CUKW the evening before. Finished-off with drinks in the KAH. Thanks to Nick and Jordan for sharing the leading, especially on the sections into the wind.

Morning Ride

48 km  x6  x1
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A fair was being set up in the market square, but that did not stop the six of us meeting up for a ride.

It was straight up and down, pausing at the tops of the hills to regroup.

Honesty in Lambourn provided welcome coffee and cake.

One puncture, but otherwise just a pleasant Sunday morning ride.

Even the traffic was well behaved!

Wednesday Evening Ride

51 km  x7
Ride Category
Seven riders tonight on a warm and sunny evening and a warm welcome to new member Lee on his first evening ride with the club. Good to see Tom out for his first club ride of the summer too.

A rare journey east tonight and a reminder why we don't do that very often as the roads are particularly busy and unpleasant in places. The potholes on the A417 are just ridiculous too.

We did get to try the new tarmac on the Harwell link road which interestingly was completely deserted whilst the narrow road through West Hagbourne it was built to relieve was rammed with boy racers.

Still eventually we got to the much quieter roads in the Vale for a chillaxing end to the ride and a few of us stopped for a pint in the KAH at the end of the ride (beer)


All-day Ride

99 km  x6  x3  x1
Ride Category
Carbon fights back! Only John on Ti today. Superb day for cycling with cloud decreasing as the day went on and little wind, marred only a by a couple of close passes, and one or two potholes that took us by surprise. Plenty of gravel, especially on the leg past Upper Basildon, for those who like that stuff, but with light traffic there was nothing too hazardous. We enjoyed relaxing breaks outdoors at Hilliers (Hermitage) and indoors at Catherine's Cafe in Wallingford, where we were practically the only customers (looked like the rest of Wallingford was lying by the Thames or in the water park). Thanks Guys for a lovely ride!

Wednesday Evening Ride

52 km  x6
Ride Category
Six of us rode out in the lightest of mist on a variety of Carbon and Aluminium road bikes. Tinless ride tonight. ;)

As we went along the spring line road the mist soon dissipated into a mild spring evening. We spread out through the undulations coming together at the Childrey cross roads, below Dragon Hill and in Ashbury. Thereafter we rode in close formation until some chose to sprint up Challow Hill.

We saw quite a few riders out - even saw someone riding a Titanium bike! ;)

Four of us retired to King Alfred's Head to reflect on a pleasant ride. (beer)

Welcome Ride

45 km  x10
Ride Category
An enjoyable flat ride around the vale with a stop at Millets farm shop for coffee on the way around.

Group decision to miss out the final loop on the way home to try and beat the rain and stay dry

Wednesday Evening Ride

52 km  x8
Ride Category
An excellent group and an excellent ride in pretty decent conditions. Not cold but a few drops of summer rain which released the lovely petrichor aroma.

Adrian got a pinch flat off of a pothole near Hinton Waldrist and another near Charney Bassett but these were dealt with in quick order whilst the group chilled and chatted.

We got back to Wantage before sunset and it was just about warm enough to sit outside the King Alfred's Head for a post ride pint (beer)

Pretty much a perfect evening club ride :)


Isle of Wight

108 km  x11  x7  x1
Ride Category
Another fantastic day on the smooth tarmac of the Isle of Wight. Ten club riders plus two guests from Somer Valley Cycling Club, welcome to Lee and Tony.

We arrived, having driven from the sunshine in Oxfordshire, to cool misty conditions, But with the promise of brighter skies later.

The ferry was delayed on the way out so we started a bit later than usual and heading to the Needles which were visible and atmospheric in the mist.

Chris picked up a puncture at Compton Bay so we had a little extra time than normal admiring the view. After Chris was sorted we made good progress to Godshill despite a niggly headwind as the Sun made occasional visits from behind the clouds.

After a short break to refresh and refuel we headed off to Bembridge where the Sun came out properly as we ate lunch by the beach.

The usual busier roads to and through Wootton Bridge are less attractive and it's a joy to get off them and back on quieter roads to Cowes where we only had a short wait for the floating bridge.

As we had no hope of getting to the 17:20 ferry we had our usual ice cream stop at the cabin at Cowes just before they shut (why they close so early on a sunny Sunday I don't know, seems bizarre as they could get loads more custom).

As is common with the IoW ride with a bigger group tiredness began to creep in after the Gurnard climb and the lumpy roads split the group somewhat. The beautiful new tarmac for the last few flat km is an absolute joy and the front group pushed on whilst the rear group enjoyed the late afternoon sunshine at a more leisurely pace.

We all arrived in plenty of time for the 18:20 ferry and had a short wait before we could board and head home.

Thanks for coming and supporting the ride. I really enjoyed my day on the beautiful Isle :)


Wednesday Evening Ride

53 km  x7  x1
Ride Category
Much cooler evening than of late, with a fresh Northerly breeze. The peleton pushed the blue rating hard, but it was an evening for keeping warm rather than lingering. No drama - thanks for the company!