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Wednesday Evening Ride

32 km  x11  x5  x1
Ride Category
A bright and pleasant evening for a ride into the Berkshire Downs. The first hill of the season was comfortably conquered by all and then we had a lovely ride back up the Seven Barrows and through the spring line villages. There was just about enough time to go back to Wantage via Challow Station to finish at sunset.


The Harlequin Hack

109 km  x7  x7
Ride Category
Fantastic day for an audax. Sunny and very warm. Most riders complained a little bit about a headwind for the last 20km :)

A record 75 finishers is brilliant. One rider required hospital treatment after a tumble but latest news is that it's nothing too serious. Thanks to the riders who stopped to help and to Hugo who went to check on him and to collect his belongings.

A massive thank you to Nick & June Dunton and Tracey & Jasmine Talbot for all their help at HQ. To Katherine Boyce and her charity for doing the after ride catering. Andy Pixton for helping to clear up at the end. And to Barry, Chris and Hugo for manning the controls and help setting up HQ.

The hall is already booked for 2018 so put 8th April in your diaries :)

UPDATE :- the injured rider had a nasty head wound stitched up at the JR but no other injuries or consequences and he'll be back riding very soon!

Wednesday Evening Ride

27 km  x10
Ride Category
What a fantastic turnout for the start of the Wednesday Evenings! A short one tonight in gorgeous weather, and the "sorting hat" got used on the Spring Line road before we settled into a great rhythm and very good riding discipline from everyone.

Even with a puncture (swiftly rectified by the crack squad of pit lane mechanics) near Childrey, we just upped the pace a little and made it back a few minutes before sunset, as promised. Even though the pace was high for a blue ride, everyone coped very well, and by the amount of chattering, You could only assume that there was still a little left in the tank....

I am hugely proud of the riding discipline and ethos we're developing at Corallian, and tonight's ride was a joy to lead and be on - very well done everyone!


Midweek morning from Saddleback

76 km  x2  x6
Ride Category
After a daydreaming start, where I rode right past Saddleback, we got in the groove visiting an area quite alien to Louis. Across past Chieveley in the sunshine to the "Quiet Lanes" of Bucklebury, through the heathland and woodland.

A deviation to the plan saw us take in Bagnor and Snake Lane rather than the Boxford Alp, before the Combesbury descent. We parted company near Woolley Barns with a solid and very enjoyable morning's climbing in the bag.


Hack Check

109 km  x5  x5
Ride Category
A modest excursion, according to the Harlequin Hack marketing. It was just that, as 5 set off from Uffington at a decent (but not desperate) pace. Cogges Farm Shop was as busy as ever, but we managed to fit a coffee in.

The sun kept threatening to break through, and was successful once or twice. We all managed to ride on our own limits for the long drag up from Spelsbury to Chippy, with a slight headwind... which meant that a sweaty and breathless bunch of Corallians sat down to lunch...

Sunshine was much more abundant after lunch, and the threatened tailwind just about helped on the return journey, which was all rather pleasant.

Hoping very much that the Audax gets the same weather - it was indeed a charming little excursion.


Pub Night

A very busy Greyhound just about coped with the food order, and it was eventually very good. Guest appearance tonight was Andy Cowan, complete with his zimmer frame prop - great to catch up Andy!

Midweek to Broad Hinton

88 km  x5
Ride Category
The forecast suggested it would be dry with some sunshine later on. Wrong on both counts, unless you can include the shafts of light that lit Swindon (though heaven knows why!).

A lumpy ride, and was good to see Phil push himself hard after a bout of man-flu.

Climbs at Lambourn and Aldbourne took us on some unfamiliar lanes over to Marlborough, and the climb to the other Hackpen was rather rewarding. A quick descent into Wroughton was followed by a rather slower climb out of Wroughton, and we got to lunch through a little drizzle.

The afternoon was easier up to Liddington, and Phil branched off to take the direct route back along Ermin Street, while the rest also took in Aldbourne again and Ramsbury, noting the mis-spelled sign to "Lambourne" along the way.

A final time trial along Ermin Street finished the ride (and the riders) off nicely.


Welcome Ride

54 km  x10  x1
Ride Category
I'd written quite an in-depth ride report, but for some reason it lost it in the save and I had to log in again. Out of time now :(

A big welcome to Joy Arthur and thanks to all who came. It was a great ride.


Committee Meeting

It was a quick one tonight - things are all running nicely! Key focus for us is to get some more ride leaders recruited and trained and taking some rides!

Winter Evening Ride

48 km  x5
Ride Category
A good finish to the Winter Wednesday season with 5 riders setting a good pace on a long-ish route. Plenty of natter and banter too!


Curryallian Evening

Lovely evening tonight - thanks gents! Diverse conversation again: dentistry, drugs in sport, the wind, Audaxes, camping (Lyn wins the "Princess and the Pea" award) and other things that "you had to be there" for.

New Forest Tour

82 km  x4  x5  x1
Ride Category
Great to see Ruth out on her trial ride - hope Jez drags you out again!

Although it was forecast to be very windy, we hid quite well for the first section, stopping at Beaulieu for coffee. Obviously, we had to go through the whole "cyclists can't use the window seat because they might be dirty" charade, which is mildly amusing if you've been there before.

Straight after coffee, it was up the hill and into the wind, through the almost Autmnal ornamental drives at Rhinefield and Bolderwood and into the heavy and gusting headwinds on the plains, before arriving early at the Red Shoot for lunch. Good job we booked as there was a running race finishing there, and all the tables were reserved.

After lunch was a rather easier affair, with the Roger Penny Way climb being delightfully wind assisted, and with a bit of lead sharing, many Strava PBs were annihilated!

Wildlife count was high - ponies, horses, donkeys, cows came readily, but the pigs were elusive until almost the end... full house!

A picnic in the sunshine at the end was a fitting end - thanks for the Bakewell, Jez!