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Curryallian Evening

Trump. Brexit. Dancing. Speleology. An evening of diverse conversation was in direct contrast to the gang of four, 75% of whom drove silver Volvo estates of varying ages to get to the Elaichi. Most enjoyable.

Rollright Stones

78 km  x4  x5
Ride Category
A fair but chilly start at Woodstock for the four riders. With the forecast for rain later decisions about jackets and gloves were required!

We had a very pleasant ride north via lots of Cotswold villages in the dry with actually some blue sky in the distance. The toughest lumpy section was just before the planned stop and it just started to drizzle as we arrived at Wyatts Farm Shop bang on 11am as planned.

Very quiet in the café today so a quick service of bacon baps and as we heard the rain on the roof most had seconds of cake!

Starting off was quite chilly and the rain, although not heavy, was steady so we glimpsed the Rollright Stones through the hedge but decided to stop another time.

The ride back through Chipping Norton and Charlbury was steady and so was the rain by now. So we got a bit of a move on and was back in Woodstock in plenty of time and just before the worst of the rain started.

A very pleasant route, lots of views and quiet lanes. Will definitely repeat a version of this ride in the summer.


Winter Evening Ride

35 km  x2  x1
Ride Category
As expected with the cold icy weather forecast and people otherwise engaged there were only two of us tonight.

The ride was brisk with no issues and even the gritter lorries were considerate.

We arrived at a very busy Chequers pub in Charney for a well-earned drink and chat in the warmth of the bar.

Welcome Ride

49 km  x7  x3
Ride Category
Seven riders braved the sub-zero temperatures, welcome to John and Claire on their first Corallian rides :)

A beautiful crisp morning with fantastic sunshine if a bit chilly. The roads were good though, a little bit crispy through Westcot but Fawler Hill was fine (the bit I was most concerned about).

We made good progress to Faringdon, at some point I may have cut off a short section as I had put the wrong route on my Garmin so was navigating by memory!

The Rookery is an excellent warm stop with superb coffee and we lingered and chatted for a while.

We headed back to Wantage via the newly surfaced lanes to West Hanney before we encountered the worst ice on the ride on the road to Denchworth which had large drifts of ice almost across the whole road. We safely negotiated the hazard and arrived back in Wantage bang on midday.

Thanks for the excellent company and apologies for ruining the peace with my wheel bearing which was slowly destroying itself :$


Winter Evening Ride

30 km  x4
Ride Category
Another great winter night ride for Corallian CC and very warm Welcome to Kev Woodley who road for the first time tonight with us.

The route was short and flat with icy conditions in mind, but it wasn't too bad so we made a good average pace. No issues, no problems, just good cycling with a great group. See you next time :)

Hungerford and Pewsey

102 km  x5  x1  x1
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It started off drizzly in Hungerford, and by the time we'd got as far as Marlborough, it felt like a coffee stop was the right thing to do. The excellent Food Gallery did us proud again, and before long we were off, with the rain getting less persistent. The long drag and then drop own to Alton Barnes afforded us a decent white horse view, and by Devizes there was another one.

Just a quick stop to marvel at the feat of engineering at Caen Hill locks, and we were at the Raven in Poulshot, complete with woodburning stove. After very nice Sunday lunches, departure with sunshine was appreciated, and the excellent rolling road from Urchfont to Pewsey allowed us to make good progress into the mizzle.

Adrian needed a replenishment stop in Pewsey, but everywhere closed due to a power cut. Hey ho.

From Burbage onwards, the weather got worse and worse, and it was with relief we finally ploughed along the A4 back into Hungerford, rather wetter than when we had started out!


Winter Evening Ride

36 km  x4
Ride Category
The forecast of wind may have put off some people from attending, but the group of four riders that left Wantage were pleasantly surprised. There was a lot less wind than expected.

Into the not so bad wind on the way out and nice push back with the wind behind us. A very pleasant ride deviating slightly from the planned route to avoid mucky roads.

Abingdon and Bampton

70 km  x5  x3
Ride Category
A rather dank and drizzly morning, and a Corallian welcome to Lyn and Sorrel. We picked up John at Drayton and cracked on at a decent pace, through Cumnor and skirting Eynsham.

Coffee at Bampton was as perfect as ever, and the dash up Buckland Hill seems to get shorter each time. Riders left in dribs and drabs to get back to Sunday lunches - well earned!


Winter Evening Ride

46 km  x4
Ride Category
Four riders braved the cold tonight. A warm(!) welcome to Tom on his first Corallian ride.

A very sociable ride into the Vale on mainly gritted roads so no ice issues despite the obvious drop in temperature towards the end of the ride!


Winter Evening Ride

38 km  x4
Ride Category
Riding in from Charney Bassett, it was clear tonight was going to be a cold one. A quick coffee at the mercifully still-open Costa was a godsend. Great to see Mike out again after his ailments, and also Adrian after his nearly-terminal man-flu.

We decided to head out to Hanney straight up the A338 rather than through Denchworth to meet Barry (also on the mend from his ailments!), who was in Grove when we got to West Hanney. So we looked at the stars and the Milky Way for 10 minutes, and then all set off on the Plan B route to Fyfield, Hinton Waldrist and Pusey. Pockets of cold air and freezing fog made us gasp for breath at regular intervals, or at least, that's what the excuse was!

Arriving at the Chequers dead-on the planned time of 8:30 was perfect, and it was lovely to quaff beer and chips in the warm to finish up the evening.