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Around Carterton to Humble Bumble

 70 km  434 m  02:51  x4  x2
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Conditions were pretty good today, although we had to deal with a firm headwind all the way out to Carterton. The Tuesday team were well up to the task and each of us took some strong turns on the front. As a result, by the time we got to Brize Norton, everyone was hungry for coffee & calories. The Humble Bumble did not disappoint. The flapjacks were all huge but Louis won the day with an absolute monster of a slice. Mine was so big I had to bring 3/4 of it home although, in my defence, I did have a sizable Cornish pasty starter.

After the cafe we turned south and revelled in the tailwind. Passing motorists were seen to gasp and pedestrians were left slack-jawed at our physical prowess as we ruled the roads all the way home.

Well done all!