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Cherwell Valley

 97 km  1132 m  04:12  x7  x1
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Once again great conditions for a ride, sunny spells and it was soon warm enough to take off the arm warmers and windproofs.

The roads were quiet but the surfaces were well pot-holed in the traditional Oxfordshire fashion. But it was a small price to pay for a beautiful ride through a fine collection of stone-built towns and villages, from lighter grey stone in the South to the yellow ochre stone in the North (Ironstone John?).

We forewent the café stop at Farthinghoe on this occasion and consequently arrived at the National Herb Centre at Warmington at 1130 to discover that breakfast orders finished at 1100 and lunch orders started at 1200 (To note for the future!). However they were happy to rustle up breakfast baps which met our immediate refuelling needs. And it was pleasantly warm outside at the back.

The route after lunch followed the Edgehill escarpment then a ridgeline Southwards offering fine views of North Oxfordshire. The roads then became undulating and the legs started to tire , but the predicted showers didn’t materialise and the sealant in Steve’s tubeless tyre effectively sealed the only puncture of the day. We arrived back at the car park bang on 1430.

There was some discussion over county boundaries. I can now reveal that:
Upper Aynho – Chacombe = Northants
Chacombe – just before Warmington = Oxon
Warmington – Edgehill = Warwicks

Thanks to everyone for a very friendly, sociable ride – easy to lead. Well done Louis for once again ECEing* the route by an additional 76 km (* technical Audax term!).

Wednesday Evening Ride

 51 km  310 m  01:56  x8
Ride Category
Another windless, fine evening - and what better way to spend it! Fairly laid back up to the descent of Buckland Hill when the pace stepped up a notch with a few bouts of spirited riding and several personal segment PRs achieved. However the group always re-formed for a good chat which continued in our favourite local hostelry. Lovely evening - thanks everyone.

Committee Meeting


Blowingstone Boomerang Audax

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Blowingstone White Horse Audax

 104 km  1450 m  04:25  x6
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Wednesday Evening Ride

 17 km  150 m  x2
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The weather forecast didn't look that bad but as 2 brave souls arrived at the market square it started to rain, but then it rained harder and harder by the time we splashed down into Childrey the roads were flooded. Did I mention the (rain), it was now of biblical proportions. As we were both soaked we made the decision to abandon the ride and return to base. As Steve had driven over from Dorchester to join the ride it was a slightly wasted journey but we got an hours ride before rain stopped play. (rain)

All-day Ride Woodborough Undulating

 113 km  1177 m  04:38  x7  x1
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The weather was cool, fair and still, ideal conditions for this relatively long and lumpy route. The ride was smooth, social and incident free on the road despite a couple of dubious car overtakes.
However, there was considerable consternation at the Woodborough garden centre when the cafe informed us they stopped serving breakfast at 11:30, ignoring the fact it was only 11:27 at the time. The charmless way this was done didn't help matters. So we were forced to go sausage free with our menu choices.
Resuming after "lunch" we soon put this disappointment behind us to enjoy the rest of the ride.
Dave rode with a full set of luggage in panniers and bar bag as a test run for his upcoming Scotland trip. This didn't stop him from riding off the front and some of us felt that he should bring this kit, maybe with added tent, on all club rides.
Thanks to all the riders for making this an enjoyable day.


Farewell to Lyn

 23 km  214 m  01:12  x9  x8
Ride Category
A sad but uplifting day, with 9 club members taking time from work to have one last ride with Lyn and celebrate his life.

The riders made their various ways to the Royal Oak at Yattendon, joining riders from other clubs (predominantly Newbury Road Club, of which Lyn was a mainstay of the midweek OGRES group) ready for the cortège ride down to Thatcham. It was a stunning sight - so many riders out, united by their love for riding and their fond memories of Lyn.

In a manner that Lyn would have heartily approved of, the cortège would its way down narrow lanes, swallowing up a sonorous matte black Lamborghini in the midst of the peloton, and causing chaos once or twice. Nobody minded - it was that sort of ride. Arriving at the West Berkshire crematorium, the sun shone, and the spectacle of so many riders was, well, spectacular.

The funeral service was a humanist service, which was sombre, but also happily reflective of the full and fulfilling life that Lyn led, and heavily featured children and grandchildren delivering readings, poetry and even a little jazz. Special thanks to Neil Taylor from Newbury Road Club for bravely holding the service together.

When it was all over everyone gathered outside before dispersing, many back to the Royal Oak at Yattendon for drinks, nibbles, and memories.

Farewell Lyn - you gave us all many happy moments at Corallian CC.
Rest In Peace


Wednesday Evening Ride

 43 km  402 m  01:52  x9
Ride Category
A few spots of rain when I left home but we had none on the ride and the Sun came out for the latter part of the ride!

A very pleasant ride on a cool but not cold evening with no wind, nice to see a good group out and I even managed to find some new roads for most riders!

No dramas, plenty of chat and a nice spin up and over the downs and back with a flat return. Dave and Phil decided to take a different route through Grove (oops!) and some of us enjoyed a pint and a discussion about the Mercator projection in the KAH afterwards :)


Welcome Ride - Abingdon

 54 km  249 m  02:14  x12
Ride Category
A nippy morning didn't stop an excellent turnout, and it was fantastic to have Nick D and Andy back riding with us. John T was meant to join us at Hanney, but had succumbed to the headwind, so had to chase all the way to Abingdon. Riding was very controlled, good tight group skills on display for most of the ride.

Coffee was leisurely affair in R&R, with a few people not having been there before. Consensus was that the cakes were excellent, mixed with good service and good banter making for the perfect stop.

Starting off again, we bumped into John Boaler, back from his epic LEJOG, and looking very fit as a result. Folks peeled off at various points, and we got back to Wantage a little depleted. Fantastic company - thanks for coming out!


Wednesday Evening Ride

 40 km  320 m  01:52  x3
Ride Category
Such a shame we only had three riders tonight, because it was a lovely evening to be out!

Sunshine shone, the conversation flowed, and the anticipation built. Motorists on the hill were most considerate, pulling over to let us up easily, and one even offering encouragement on the steep bit by Dragon Hill. We all survived, Nick with a PB. He did look a bit wobbly-legged as he took pictures at the summit...

The ride back through the Vale was effortless, and the beautifully smooth tarmac through Knighton was most welcome. We were joined at the KAH by Mike F, continuing the sociable theme.