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Cancelled (leader injured)

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Summer Tuesday Ride - Lunch in Lechlade

 78 km  381 m  03:17  x5  x1
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The ride leader was navigationally challenged on this ride! After the descent from Hannington we suffered a rider disappearance - it seemed that Pete had taken 20 minutes to extract a jelly baby from his pocket. Eventually Richard was despatched to find him but a message shortly afterwards revealed that Pete had turned off at Hannington and was trying to chase down an invisible (and apparently fast moving!) peloton. The group eventually re-grouped at Lechlade where Pete had already devoured his bun and coffee and was becoming impatient. Over lunch it finally dawned on the ride leader what had happened - the clot (to clarify: that's me not Pete!) had failed to synchronise his Wahoo after a final route update on Sunday evening.

The return ride from Lechlade was a less stressful, though rather damp, experience! Back in Wantage the ride leader sought solace in a pint of beer in a the company of two others.

Morning Ride Bampton

 56 km  209 m  02:16  x6
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Advertised as a gentle ride, this actually got a little fast in places. We had to walk through Faringdon, which was en fete. Pam gave us a lesson in honeybee resuscitation at Lynwoods. Only three made it back to the Market Square and, subsequently, to the Blue Boar. Kudos to Pam and Nick for riding the day after the Farcycle sportive.

Wednesday Evening Ride

 14 km  216 m  x1
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No one to join me in the Market Place again so I went for a ride up Gramp's Hill as I've never done it before. A nice climb, steep in the middle but opens up towards the top with some decent views. Pretty good surface as well for a dead end road. I also did the little climbed Windmill Hill out of Letcombe for some bonus ascent.

Back in time to eat my tea before England beat the Dutch. Winner, winner, chicken dinner (except it was pizza) :)


Tuesday Tootle to Abingdon

 59 km  200 m  02:30  x6  x1
Ride Category
The forecast and radar warned of downpours. They were pessimistic. We had a few minutes of light drizzle.

Six started out from the market place.
Five cinnamon buns were consumed in Abingdon Market Place
Two riders shot off the wrong way down Boars Hill and had to be retrieved.
One ride leader fell off his bike (sideways at zero miles per hour).
Three riders made it back to the market place - others took direct routes home.

A relaxed outing.

All-day Ride to Honey Street and back

 105 km  1086 m  04:35  x5  x5
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Gamblers' day out! Five of us gambled on better than forecast weather and we were indeed very lucky with our two stops at Wendy's Cafe Great Bedwyn and Honey Street Cafe where we managed to avoid some torrential downpours. The puncture fairy did however track us down - both Louis and I suffered flint-induced flats. The extended refreshment stops resulted in a "full value" 105 km ride, but three of us found time for a post-ride beer in the Blue Boar. Thanks for making the effort - our gamble paid off!

Wednesday Evening Ride - Scutchamer Knob

 47 km  284 m  02:00  x3  x2
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Initially rather overcast but the evening blossomed into very pleasant cycling conditions. Pete claimed to be recovering from a French cold but it clearly hadn't affected his legs too much. The lane up to Scutchamer Knob was pleasantly car-free in both directions and we survived Ginge Farm Track without punctures. Thanks to Pete and Pam for keeping me company!

Summer Tuesday Ride

 56 km  346 m  02:16  x10  x1
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Another eventful Tuesday ride. Nine turned up at the Market place on what felt almost like an Autumn Day. It was nice to see Chris back from his trip to France and we welcomed back Luke on his lightweight road bike. As we made our way through Childrey we picked up Simon, so had an even 10 riders. At the top of the hill leading into Little Coxwell, Luke suffered a puncture. The first challenge was to get the back wheel off, a suitable multi-tool was borrowed. The next challenge was to get the tyre off the Zipp (60mm) carbon wheel, another few tools were the required. Having got the tyre off, the new inner tube was inserted and after much levering and muscle power the tyre was back on. All that was required now was to inflate the tyre – a pump was borrowed. The next challenge proved unresolvable – the inner tube valve was too short and barely poked out of the wheel and wouldn’t allow a pump to be attached. The next course of action was to get a Taxi!! While all of this was going on Nick S led most of the group onto Bampton (Lynwood) for coffee. Paul and I left Luke looking rather forlorn at the Little Coxwell junction, as we made are way onto Bampton to join the rest of the group. The remainder of the ride was thankfully uneventful. After what was a stressful ride for some (me!), a drink at the King Alfred’s Head was called for. Note to all – come prepared!!

Fifth Sunday Ride: Sutton Courtenay-Haddenham

 95 km  404 m  03:51  x5
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With this group of riders, I was never going to spend much time on the front - and so it proved: thanks to everyone for taking the wind and especially to Dave who did most of the heavy lifting. The road through Easington and Clare was marked “Closed – no access to cyclists” so of course we pressed on and had a few kilometres of loose gravel with not a work operative in sight. We initially stopped at the Haddenham Garden Centre but, after a mild altercation with one of the staff about where we could leave our bikes, we were told we were 5 minutes too late for breakfast and 25 minutes too early for lunch. We left in a huff and after a little faffing by the leader managed to find Norsk Café which was heaving with trendy brunchers. Having secured the last available table, they fed us very well although they had run out of bacon sandwiches so Dave was forced to have bacon and bread instead. The rolling hills after lunch slowed progress a little but not by much. We stopped in Long Crendon for the obligatory photos of the Manor and finished off the ride with tea and flapjacks in my garden. And there was still time to catch the final 50km of the Tour. Kudos to those who rode from Wantage. Thanks all for a great ride.

Wednesday Evening Ride

 53 km  139 m  02:06  x1
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If I can't get anyone to join me on a beautiful evening like this then I'm not sure what else to do :|

Still I had a lovely time, the roads were extremely quiet, barely saw a motorist all ride. The weather was fab, the views were great, and I rode the full planned route. And I got back home in time to see the second half of Georgia v Portugal in the Euros. Fab :)