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Morning Ride - Abingdon

 64 km  352 m  02:34  x11  x1
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A perfect day for riding. Sunny, not too hot, virtually no wind. Eleven riders were easily split into two bubbles with Louis leading Bubble One off at 9am.

The riding was easy and convivial and we made good time. Bubble Two caught up Bubble One in Wootton and took the lead up Boar's Hill where both bubbles socially distanced.

Not long after we met again at adjacent tables in Abingdon Market Place and refreshments were obtained from R&R. This is a lovely space for a stop on a nice day, when will Wantage Market Place look like this?

We varied from the published route on the way back and enjoyed the lovely new surface on Peep O'Day Lane, why the new Wantage-Harwell path can't be like this who knows?

Bubble Two went via Ginge and Lockinge as we had time and it was such a lovely day whilst Bubble One down to a few riders after some had peeled off home went via the A-Road. Both groups were back at Wantage around 12:30pm.

Excellent ride everyone. Well done :)

Bubble One = Louis, Steve, Andy, Claire, Richard, Nick S

Bubble Two = John T, John G, Paul, Nick D, Ken


Corallian Chat

Note for future Zoom meetings, changing host changes the meeting ID!

Chat about Ken's offroad adventures, Nick and John's car woes, the TdF and riding in Birmingham. Plus getting excited for our French trip.

Wednesday Evening Ride

 37 km  123 m  01:31  x3
Ride Category
Just the three tonight. The planned route was changed to a 90 minute blast through the Vale. Although the rain was quite persistent to start with, it mellowed right through the ride, and was gone by the end.

A very convivial stop in the King Alfred's Head capped what was an unpromising ride that turned out rather well.


All-day Ride - Bibury

 94 km  717 m  03:51  x10
Ride Category
A breezy but bright day. Quite a tough headwind at times out to Bibury but nothing too horrendous.

Lots of quiet lanes and no incidents (apart from Louis and Ken going off piste at Coxwell!). We got takeaway refreshments at Bibury and had a natter.

The return journey was much easier, at some points we were flying along with no effort at all!! So we made really good time and got back to Wantage around 2pm. Plenty of time for an ice cream and a sit outside in the newly cordoned off café area in front of the KAH.

Thanks to Chris for leading a Bubble :)


Wednesday Evening Ride

 43 km  423 m  02:06  x14
Ride Category
Twelve riders by King Alfred made for two groups of six (simples as Teresa May would say) and Louis led the first bubble off, followed 2 minutes later by the second. A surprisingly stiff headwind made its presence felt on the descent to Lambourn but there were no dramas in the second bubble, with periodic re-grouping, quiet roads and plenty of conversation. Meanwhile , up the road, the acquisition of Larry and Paul had led to bubble division. The three bubbles met up at 2030 in the square to bid farewell - an enjoyable start to the Wednesday programme. Maybe post-ride drinks next week?

Welcome Ride

 60 km  226 m  02:29  x15
Ride Category
Warm welcome back to everyone and especially new rider Inigo, and a welcome back to Barry and Richard P.... If Inigo joins, that will be a club record turnout!

Although it was breezy, it didn't really impact the ride. The bubble system seemed to go well (thanks to John and Louis for leading bubbles), and we loosely coalesced for a break at Farmoor stores, admiring both the red Ferrari, and John G's new bike.

The return journey encountered some very localised sharp showers, and in detouring the final bubble to save Richard from the terror of Challow Hill (this was his longest ride for ages!), the leader managed to puncture by Denchworth railway bridge.

It was lovely to see people again after so long, and to ride as a group again - maybe a little different, but we made the most of it.

Bubble 1: John T, Phil, Ken, Barry, Richard S
Bubble 2: Louis, Nick D, John G, Inigo, Mike
Bubble 3: Chris, Andy, Claire, Richard, Libby, Nick S


Corallian Chat - resuming club ride Q&A

A good turnout - thank you all. Special welcome to Thomas - hopefully we'll see him joining a ride when we resume.

There is a recording of this session on Facebook in case you missed it and want to keep up with the goings-on.

We agreed to continue with a fortnightly call - first one will be 9th July. We'll see if we can do one from France the following fortnight, as it looks like the club holiday may be able to go ahead!

Corallian Chat

This was the last of the regular Corallian Chats. live on air, the email from British Cycling came through giving notice of their "The Way Forward" guidance on how clubs can return to regular group activity.

Please do join the call next week, where we'll outline how we are going to implement the guidelines as a cub, before we commence group riding again on 28th June!

Corallian Chat

 x13  x1
Good turn out again, spiced up by a controversial survey, the results of which can be seen in the photos...

Corallian Chat

Great turnout tonight including special guest appearances from Richard P, and all the way from sunny Birmingham, Colin!