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Summer Tuesday Ride

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Away Ride: Woodstock to Shipston-on-Stour

 89 km  838 m  03:54  x5  x3
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There were five of us in the Union Street car park in Woodstock. Three had ridden from Wantage to join the others who travelled from further afield.

As we set off the English summer made its appearance. The hills and warming conditions led to protective layers of clothing being removed and we arrived with a good appetite at Mrs Browns in Shipston for a solid breakfast.

The return route was flatter and sunnier. (The return leg from Woodstock to Wanage was pretty good too.)

A great away ride in the Cotswolds!

Wednesday Evening Ride CANCELLED

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Standlake - Highworth - Bishopstone

 89 km  704 m  03:51  x7  x2
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This was a longish ride for a Tuesday with a number of options.

We set off in cool (cold for June) conditions into a Northwesterly and encountered a gentle shower on our way to our first stop at Blake's in Clanfield where the ride leader filled out his Cinnamon Bun loyalty card (next one is 'free';). The flat ride continued through a couple of bumps at Coleshill and Highworth before our second stop at the excellent farm shop in Shrivenham.

Simon and John chose the flat option from Shrivenham to return to Wantage through the Vale, while the rest of us went on to Bishopstone and the spring line road. The big question was: do we ride up White Horse Hill? Four of us did and then went on for the bonus ascent of Court Hill.

While rehydrating in the Blue Boar we reflected on the success of the options offered for riders to match their ride with their aspirations / fitness.

Morning Ride - Hampstead Norreys

 60 km  774 m  02:31  x4  x1
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At 0850 they were setting up the market square for the fair, and it was closed to motor vehicles. I spied Andy in front of the Bear (he'd ridden over from Hagbourne) and we were soon joined by Dave and Jez. All four of us (separately) were admonished for riding in the square and told in no uncertain terms to dismount!

With a hilly ride to come and three of the club's strongest riders I knew it would be a tough morning. And it was - I guess I'm not used to being tail-end Charlie up every climb! But it was a nice morning and felt quite warm during the sunny spells and at one point we were treated to a red kite escort.

Sitting outside the Community Cafe at Hampstead Norreys was as pleasant as ever. For the return journey I took up Jez's kind offer of a rear wheel swap to help me track down the source of an irritation click on my bike - at the end we concluded that it is indeed the wheel that is to blame, but the exact component remains a mystery.

Andy left us at West Ilsley and we plunged down Chain Hill back to Wantage.
Good to see Andy back after a couple of month's gap and thanks to Dave for doing the hard work at the front of the group. A good work-out!

Wednesday Evening Ride

 46 km  196 m  01:51  x5
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A cool but dry evening with occasional sunshine, Glyn might have regretting his choice of shorts and short sleeves as he watched me put on an extra layer in the market place!!

A good group with plenty of rotation at the front into a headwind to Watchfield and some quick pace on the way back. Pam S joined us for a short while near Uffington on her new bike but wanted to see how fast she could go on it and soon disappeared into the distance!

After some faffage two of us ended up in The Bear for a drink and a natter (beer)


Summer Tuesday Ride - Culham - Southmoor

 52 km  253 m  02:15  x10  x2
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A magnificent turn-out of eleven at the market square including one new rider - welcome to Peter Dalglish (possibly spelt incorrectly!). Given the numbers we split into two separate groups for most of the ride to give motorists a break - thank you to Louis for leading one group and Richard for sweeping. A relaxed early stop in Abingdon divided between two tables and two (of the plethora) of cafes on offer. A headwind was evident on the way back and a few drops of rain but this never amounted to much. Six enjoyed a post-ride drink outside the KAH.

The Base Greenham Common

 82 km  993 m  03:41  x7  x4
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What a beautiful day for a ride – sunny, warm and a light breeze. The euphoria was soon shattered after we started the ride up Chain Hill. The ride took us out of through Farnborough, Hampstead Norreys, Thatcham and finally to Greenham Common to “The Base” café. Refreshments were taken and the overall rating was fair to good, Paul was disappointed in his flapjack, but that didn’t stop the rest of the group finishing it off for him. The return leg took us through the back of the old Greenham Common base on some slightly treacherous gravel tracks, but it did avoid the busy main road. We all arrived back in Wantage together and a drink at The Blue Boar was enjoyed before we all made our various ways home. An enjoyable days ride, which almost made you forget the recent wet weather!

Summer Tuesday Ride

 83 km  812 m  03:38  x4
Ride Category
Wantage Market Place was wet this morning. We should have had two Richards on the ride, but there was a bit of miscommunication.

The ride consisted of three parts:
- Wantage to Pangbourne: wet and mostly flat
- Pangbourne's Café: slow
- Pangbourne to Wantage: dry and rather hilly

It was really quite enjoyable: more so than we had expected.

Welcome Ride

 61 km  310 m  02:42  x7
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The forecast of thunderstorms prompted the ride leader to ask the question: "Do I feel lucky?" Six club members were richly rewarded with a gentle sunny ride, though there were some puddles from overnight showers.
We welcomed a new rider, Richard, and enjoyed a relaxing stop at Fair Acres Tea Room in Savages Garden Centre.

By the time a stiff shower descended on Wantage:
- The ride was ridden.
- Drinks were drunk.
- Bicycles were cleaned.

So, next time, perhaps more will say: "Yes, I feel lucky."