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Corallian Chat

Various Christmas pressies were on show including two different bike-shaped pizza cutters. Good haul!

Better luck next time with the tech, Hugo.

Welcome Ride - CANCELLED

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Last ride before Rudolph

 13 km  30 m  x1
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Henceforth to be known as the wet one.

Three of us debated whether to ride in the torrential weather - a majority decided to go.

Having galoshed our way through to Denchworth a revote was called with a majority to abandon.

Upon return to the dry the recriminations began. It was not clear whether me, myself or I mentioned that at least the vote was not 48 - 52 when the moderator stepped in.

Away Ride - Devizes & Caen Hill Locks

 89 km  749 m  04:10  x8  x3
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The lovely, mild day brought out 8 riders and Andy kindly offered to lead Bubble A.

Bubble B started out shortly after but progress soon faltered due to a couple of punctures amongst the Stokell household, after a rather rough track through Savernake Forest (routing error - sorry!). Once we had these out of the way the route followed small quiet lanes with a splendid view of Martinsell Hill, then headed South West through Pewsey and Woodborough. At Chirton we were delayed by a Christmas tractor convoy on its way to Marlborough. After skirting around the edge of Salisbury Plain for a few miles we struck North West from Market Lavington towards Seend, reached by the hardest climb of the day. Progress along the Kennet and Avon canal towpath was scenic but slow, having to avoid the many pedestrians and muddy holes in the rough path. Near the top of the Caen Hill flight of locks is the cafe, beautifully situated with splendid view to the West. It was rather busy but pleasantly warm to sit outside eating baps and mince pies. No temptation to mix with Bubble A as they were long gone!

The centre of Devizes seemed very attractive in the sun due to its rough and muddy, and progress was slow. The Eastward leg through Horton, Alton Barnes and Pewsey is undulating but with a tailwind and great views of the line of hills to the North, was particularly enjoyable and we arrived back at Gt Bedwyn about 1500.

A good day out - thanks to all!

ps Informed later that Bubble A also suffered a coupe of punctures.

Wednesday Ride - Lambourn Woodland RIDE STILL ON

 49 km  620 m  02:21  x3  x1
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Only three of us, not surprising given the threat of rain and the promise of strongish winds, but nowhere near as bad as feared, and we had a generally enjoyable ride in an elemental sort of way.

It was a bit of a battle against the wind getting over to Lambourn but much easier thereafter and the rain was light until we passed through there on the return. Goodies was open but an outside coffee held little attraction so we headed straight back via Sheepdrove and Sparsholt Firs. There was a brief moment of drama on the descent into Letcombe Bassett when a DPD driver nearly pulled out into Louis' path.

Good to get out on a day like that. Thank you for the company!

Oxford Town & Country Morning Ride

 72 km  175 m  03:03  x1
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An heroic ride only undertaken by the most valiant of riders, completed with vigorous athleticism and great panache.

Corallian Chat

Nice to see everyone... it was most entertaining to see the shape of Andy's wheel, the structure of which had only been held in place by the rim tape!

Bampton Bun Run

 56 km  319 m  02:33  x6  x1
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A sociable ride through the Vale in what felt like balmy conditions after the recent cold and damp, although it was actually only 3 - 5 degC.

The only excitement was when, during the ride, the same riders who had originally proposed the Bampton Square coffee stop changed their minds and now recommended Aston Pottery instead. On arrival at Aston we were informed by the proprietor that the Thames Water crew digging up the road outside had just cut off his water and therefore no hot drinks. Oh how we appreciated the irony. Foregoing hot drinks we headed back home to put the kettle on.


Blue Barrington

 90 km  520 m  03:42  x7
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It was cold and grey as we assembled in Wantage Market Place where a market was setting up.

With 7 riders we split into 2 bubbles - thanks to Mike for leading bubble A.

The first part of the ride through the vale was quite quick - it needed to be in order to warm up in the fog. By the time we had passed Faringdon it had lightened a bit and there was even a brief glimpse of sunshine just after Broughton Poggs.

Barrington itself, approached from the south, was lovely enough for a quick photo stop. The road along the Windrush valley was undulating and we arrived in Burford ready for elevenses. Filkins served both bubbles well, but the next few miles along the river valley were wet, cold and a bit grim.

It brightened up as we passed the crocodile farm and, with a bit of a tail wind, we made good progress back into the vale. After Denchworth one bubble kept to the planned route, while the other, mindful of the skid pan where Denchworth Road meets Newlands Drive, went through Grove itself.

We saw bicycles aplenty, a few horses, and walkers, with and without dogs, along the way.

Overall, a good reintroduction to Sunday group riding.

Wednesday Ride - Hackpen, Ashbury & Shrivenham

 56 km  339 m  02:22  x5  x2  x1
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A single bubble of five stalwarts set out from (and arrived back at) WMP. At the start Louis looked slightly the worse for wear having slipped due to the mud on Denchworth Road, fortunately incurring no injury or serious bike problem but with some damage to clothing and confidence (see photo).

On a chilly but windless morning good progress was made over the two hills and down to Ashbury, where the village shop provided ample refreshments, though for some reason the lady objected to us congregating in the outer garden area - the pavement had to suffice. There was a little moisture in the air for the return leg though the vale, but it had disappeared by midday, and we were back around 1255. Plenty of good banter along the way of course. Thank you for the company.