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Wednesday Evening Ride

 44 km  344 m  01:59  x6
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Sticky Buns at Clanfield

 58 km  401 m  02:26  x10
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Good turnout again -Tuesday rides are getting quite popular. A smoothly executed ride with plenty of banter but nothing remarkable to report. Just how I like it.

Wantage - Streatley - Undulating

 80 km  734 m  03:26  x7  x4
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Well, Wantage market place was chaos at the start, the fair was being setup! We managed to make it out of Wantage without being told “not to cycle”. The ride out to Streatley was mainly into a north easterly wind but was relatively flat. Nick left us to return to Wantage to attend to the dog (Pam on her way back from triathlon in Spain). The remainder headed to the Village Café in Goring, there were mixed views on the quality and price of the food and much debate on why you would offer a packet of crips with a Bacon Roll!! The actual coffee was very good. Streatley Hill was tackled after coffee and everyone successfully made it to the top without getting off. The remainder of the return trip was uneventful. Wantage was in traffic chaos due to the closed roads, but we manged to find our way by bike to the KAH for a welcome drink.


Wednesday Faringdon

 49 km  289 m  02:09  x4
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A gentle ride on a cool spring evening. Much appreciated by ride leader who already had 95km in his legs.
We often talk about errant road users, but after the ride in Alfie's we reflected that all were considerate this evening.

Summer Tuesday Ride - Great Bedwyn

 74 km  881 m  03:24  x4  x4
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It felt really chilly in the market square at 10 o'clock and there was some trepidation regarding the Northerly head wind we would face on the return leg. No such worries to start with though and Manor Road down to Great Shefford was despatched in a flattering time. At "The Great Shefford" (formerly The Swan) we paused to remove a layer of clothing and an early coffee stop was very briefly considered. After the climb up through Wickham we enjoyed the narrow lanes through Winding Wood, at their driest currently, and we stopped to admire the vineyard. Pete counted the number of vines - a prolonged discussion of all things wine ensued.

After passing through further picturesque lanes from Hungerford through Little Bedwyn we arrived at Wendy's Cafe in Great Bedwyn, which turned out to be closed - a board in the centre of the town informed us that it will re-open on 5 June. The alternative, baps, pasties and hot drinks from the post office (haribos and red bull for Paul!), excellent value as usual, we re enjoyed in the beautiful seclusion of the church cemetery.

There was some moaning about the headwind on the way back through Chisbury, Ramsbury and Lambourn but the air had warmed up nicely by this time, and it didn't prevent a time trial up Hackpen Hill for three of us - Paul arrived at the top a few minutes later suffering from a cramp in his leg.

Full attendance in the KAH garden for a de-brief! Thank you guys - a lovely ride to lead.

Welcome Ride

 56 km  441 m  02:33  x9
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Lovely to see Jenny and Terry out with us again - first rides since 2019!

It started off less than warm but soon got nicer - the sun remained out for the whole ride. Jez was sporting a new ride... very stealthy black, obviously the colour to have!

The Carpenters' Cafe was busy when we got there, but snack appeared pretty quickly, and we enjoyed a leisurely break.

Distinctly hot by the end, five of us managed a further refreshment stop at Alfies ;)


Wednesday Evening Ride

 50 km  153 m  02:02  x6
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What a lovely evening for a bike ride, Sunshine and warm air for the whole ride.

We had a nagging headwind up to Southmoor and on the road to Brighthampton and Aston but as soon as we headed South we picked up the benefit of the tail wind so made it back to the market place by 8-45.

Thanks for all of your company and help into the wind and welcome back Nick D.

Five of us enjoyed a beer at the pub.

Wantage - Abingdon

 52 km  112 m  02:09  x7
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Steady out to Abingdon, via Kingston Bagpuize.
Coffee at Java in the Market Square.
Steady ride back to Wantage, via Steventon.
Pint at Alfies.
A pleasing outing.

Away Ride - North Cotswolds Explorer

 103 km  1256 m  04:47  x4  x4
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At last the beautiful weather we had been waiting for!

After a gentle start an early coffee stop at Northleach was decided upon and The Curious Wine Cellar turned out to be a popular place on a Sunday morning with a wide collection of dogs for Jez to make friends with. This set us up for the verdant lanes of the Cotswold plateau and the particularly satisfying descent from Hawling towards Guiting Power. The small back lane from Barton turned out to be a very pleasant alternative to the road through Kineton and bringing us to Critchford Lane and the start of the optional off-road track of the Winchcombe Way. This track was dry and very amenable to road bikes today, not always the case. The descent of Salters Hill, with its widespread views from West through to the East, was enjoyed. At its base the decision on lunch venue was made and we headed up to Hayles Fruit Farm Cafe, where the intra-breakfast and lunch baguettes (Ham, Cheddar with Chutney recommended) filled us amply for the afternoon hills.

I've done the return route, which starts with the tough climb of Corndean Lane many times, but today, with the addition of a gentle Northerly breeze pushing us forward, it was tremendous. After Fosse Cross the hills disappeared and country lanes led us quickly back to the Water Park.

Thank you all for making it such a pleasurable ride

Wednesday Evening Ride

 53 km  170 m  02:04  x4
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Traffic held up the ride leader but the three in the Market Square kindly waited and we left about 10 minutes late into a warmish bright evening.

We kept up a decent pace up the generally uphill outward leg and dropped down the Corallian escarpment to the site of the Bablock Hythe ferry beyond Eaton village. A first for everyone but me!

After climbing back up we had a gradual downhill for much of the return and the pace was quick. We arrived back one minute past sunset and three of us ended up in the KAH. Thanks for your company :)