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Wednesday Evening Ride

40 km  x1  x1
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It was Nicky No-Mates tonight. Not that I can blame you. Conditions were atrocious: strong, blustery wind; very slippery under-tyre; and then the rain came. I almost went home from the start but thought I should express solidarity with our Chairman's pain on LEL. So no PBs tonight. In fact no Strava tonight as I managed to leave my Garmin at home in the airing cupboard, drying out after this afternoon's drenching. So you'll just have to trust me that I did the ride. In fact, I cut it short, going through Milton Park and the road past the power station in the hope that the railway embankment would shelter me from the wind. It didn't. I guessed the Ginge loop would be unpleasant as well, so just thrashed back along the 417, which was pretty unpleasant too. Bizarrely, I had a big smile on my face when I got back to Wantage just after 8. You had to be there ...