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Just a couple of riders today - maybe the overnight frost was a deterrent?

Anyhow, off we went and nearly had a club collision before we'd got 100m! An early diversion because the planned route was rather less of a road than had been hoped for, a sneaky route through Shrivenham brought us back on track, sneaking into Bishopstone by a new route. Up to the Ridgeway via White Hill, rather than the more common Hatchet Hill, and the descent into Aldbourne was splendid.

Marridge Hill was as tough as ever, and on the top we got exposed to the headwind, which really did sap the energy, and made the decent into Lambourn rather sluggish.

Over coffee, the discussion was around what makes some days seem "slow" - today is one such day. Climbing back out via Sheepdrove was a novelty and became rather tough into the headwind, and the decent down towards Childrey was similarly retarded.

A quick stop under a tree at the top of Pulpit Hill kept the hail off us, until it made a reappearance just after we finished. A tough morning's ride!