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 66 km  873 m  02:59  x2  x6
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Unsurprisingly given the weather forecast most riders stayed in bed! I was surprised and pleased that Nick turned up at the Market Place just as I thought I was going to be Johnny No Mates.

The first half of the ride up Chain Hill and through the Ilsleys and Compton wasn't too bad, some watery sunshine but there was a bit of a crosswind at times and a lot of snow in the verges in places. The roads were very wet and flooded in a few low spots plus some slush that needed avoiding. The recent cold weather has also opened up a lot of new potholes.

When we turned into the wind near Yattendon it wasn't horrendous but the cold rain that hit us at Chieveley was. Very heavy with strong blustery winds for good measure. We got cold and wet very quickly and sheltered under the M4 bridge for a re-think.

We decided to continue to Boxford and turn for home there and abandon going all the way to Hungerford. The rain and wind were still bad until we got to the A338 when the Sun came out.

The cold had somewhat sapped at least my strength and it was a long drag up to the top of Manor Hill and a slightly scary descent with crosswinds back to Wantage.

We managed 66km in less than ideal conditions which was quite pleasing. When does Winter finish?