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Morning Ride to Inkpen

 73 km  831 m  03:24  x9
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A lumpy one today! Great to see Richard P continuing the trend and coming up the hills with us.

Apart from the plonker in the van on the B4000 (overtook on continuous white line with the group pulled out and signalling right, and then brake testing the leader) it was a delightful tight group, with only the odd "off the front and not following the route" moment. We got to the foot of the Gibbet in good time and sweltered up to the top, talking in the views on what was a rather hazy horizon.

Down to the Crown and Garter for coffee and cakes, we sat in the garden until it was time to go, taking a slightly more roundabout route to avoid the gravel on the A338. Jenny and Terry left the group at Welford church to head home for an early bath. Top ride everyone - enjoyed your company!