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Welcome Ride - Aston

47 km  x2
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As predicted, this was a very wet ride with a powerful headwind on the outward leg. Chapeau to Jenny for riding to the start, and even for being there. In truth, once we were underway it wasn't too bad. Traffic was light and water hadn't encroached too far into the roads. We managed to miss the majority of the submerged potholes. Time passed quickly as we exchanged recipes for carrot cake. At Buckland, we decided to route through Aston to Bampton and had a leisurely breakfast break at the Garden Centre, joined by Terry who, under doctor's orders, was shadowing the ride in his van. The rain had relented a little when we emerged but by then we were cold so elected for the direct return, warmed by the ascent of the Corallian escarpment at Buckland. Home in under two hours: a respected rate of progress, given the conditions. Thanks to Jenny for sweeping;)