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Uzes Holiday - Moussac

 55 km  534 m  02:52  x6  x2
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A nice recovery ride today after the Ventoux exertions yesterday. Nick S didn't need much recovering, so did an early pre-ride to Sauve, meeting us for lunch.

Much more like a club blue ride this one, albeit in scorching temperatures, which were ever-present throughout the holiday. After a bit of a detour to the start because of road works on the one-way ring road (yes - it did cause chaos in the morning traffic!) we had a pleasant ride out to St Maurice de Cazevielle where coffee was taken at a leisurely pace. We then managed to tear ourselves away to ride the 3.4 miles to find Nick and have some lunch.

After lunch we took the delightful minor road to Russan, where we marvelled at the flood height of the Gardon in September 2002 - it's almost impossible to visualise the volume of water and its subsequent devastation of the valley - search online for some stunning images.

Towards the end of the ride, we were rewarded with great views of Mt Bouquet (inspiration for tomorrow?) and a very welcome customary refreshment stop - this time of the ice-cream variety, rather than beer. Relatively gentle riding, but delightful!