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Burford - Chipping Norton

 100 km  1050 m  04:30  x4
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This ride will be known as the slippery one.

The day before the ride it rained (a lot) and then the night before the ride it froze.
Combined with the up and down Cotswold topography the first hour of the ride was full of foggy bottoms, frozen frosty hollows and hazy sunshine.

The car park was sheet black ice, which was ok for those who drove, but not for the ride leader who rode from Wantage (doh). Small bruise John, no need for an accident report.

We took it really carefully at first, crawling at times with one foot out of cleats. There were no further accidents though a few slips along the way, fortunately back wheel rather than front.

We gradually gained in confidence and rode well together, though Dave as is his wont, zoomed up the hills and patiently waited for us at the top. Lower Slaughter, pretty as ever, disappointed with a closed cafe - coffee would have been helpful for the solid climb into Stow.

The Old Mill Cafe in Chipping Norton after 57k did us proud, as ever. We even donated a drink bottle to them. The shorter segment post lunch was filled with 'not suitable for motor vehicles' roads, and was picturesque.

We were back in the ice-free carpark before 3:00pm feeling pleased with ourselves.