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All-day Ride Woodborough Undulating

 113 km  1177 m  04:38  x7  x1
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The weather was cool, fair and still, ideal conditions for this relatively long and lumpy route. The ride was smooth, social and incident free on the road despite a couple of dubious car overtakes.
However, there was considerable consternation at the Woodborough garden centre when the cafe informed us they stopped serving breakfast at 11:30, ignoring the fact it was only 11:27 at the time. The charmless way this was done didn't help matters. So we were forced to go sausage free with our menu choices.
Resuming after "lunch" we soon put this disappointment behind us to enjoy the rest of the ride.
Dave rode with a full set of luggage in panniers and bar bag as a test run for his upcoming Scotland trip. This didn't stop him from riding off the front and some of us felt that he should bring this kit, maybe with added tent, on all club rides.
Thanks to all the riders for making this an enjoyable day.