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Wednesday Evening Ride

 54 km  200 m  02:03  x8  x1
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A pleasant warm evening and a good group saw us make rather speedy progress to Abingdon where as usual it was pretty busy, we weren't held up though and soon made it to the lanes to Bayworth and the one climb of the day on smooth tarmac to Boars Hill.

At the top we took a slight detour to the viewpoint to look down on the Dreaming Spires, sadly not lit up by evening sunshine today.

The lovely descent down Foxcombe Hill was enjoyed by all and we had a social ride on the lanes back to Wantage via Garford, West Hanney and Denchworth. We were treated to a lovely sun dog (parhelion) on the way too (sun)

All finished off with a (beer) in the KAH :)