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New Forest Tour

82 km  x4  x5  x1
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Great to see Ruth out on her trial ride - hope Jez drags you out again!

Although it was forecast to be very windy, we hid quite well for the first section, stopping at Beaulieu for coffee. Obviously, we had to go through the whole "cyclists can't use the window seat because they might be dirty" charade, which is mildly amusing if you've been there before.

Straight after coffee, it was up the hill and into the wind, through the almost Autmnal ornamental drives at Rhinefield and Bolderwood and into the heavy and gusting headwinds on the plains, before arriving early at the Red Shoot for lunch. Good job we booked as there was a running race finishing there, and all the tables were reserved.

After lunch was a rather easier affair, with the Roger Penny Way climb being delightfully wind assisted, and with a bit of lead sharing, many Strava PBs were annihilated!

Wildlife count was high - ponies, horses, donkeys, cows came readily, but the pigs were elusive until almost the end... full house!

A picnic in the sunshine at the end was a fitting end - thanks for the Bakewell, Jez!