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Colmar Holiday - Rhein

 78 km  84 m  03:02  x1  x7
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After the Vosges excesses of the previous day, I needed a flat day to ride out my leg cramps from the night, so plotted a splinter group of 1. After the club ride with record elevation gain yesterday, today was to be the flattest club ride ever.

Heading east towards the Rhein through near identical villages, I managed to spin along nicely at under 150 watts, the sunshine and fields full of storks for company.

I didn't quite cross the Rhein, keeping on the French side, taking a break at a large lock near Marckolsheim. You're always aware of the German influence with place names though, and I stumbled upon a museum of Maginot Line relics which made a decent diversion.

Legs starting to feel good, I was able to lift the pace a little on the way back - a very nice chilled, no-pressure ride!