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 109 km  744 m  04:24  x5  x5
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A modest excursion, according to the Harlequin Hack marketing. It was just that, as 5 set off from Uffington at a decent (but not desperate) pace. Cogges Farm Shop was as busy as ever, but we managed to fit a coffee in.

The sun kept threatening to break through, and was successful once or twice. We all managed to ride on our own limits for the long drag up from Spelsbury to Chippy, with a slight headwind... which meant that a sweaty and breathless bunch of Corallians sat down to lunch...

Sunshine was much more abundant after lunch, and the threatened tailwind just about helped on the return journey, which was all rather pleasant.

Hoping very much that the Audax gets the same weather - it was indeed a charming little excursion.