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Vale Shark

 77 km  419 m  02:57  x5  x4
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Phew, what a scorcher!

We gathered in midst of the Wednesday market under a blazing sun.

The route along the spring line road was pleasantly supported by a tailwind and two riders chose to ride up Dragon Hill, while the remainder enjoyed the scenic lower road and watched harvesting in action.

The temperature rose into the high 20s as we got to the shark's tail and hit 30 along the shark's back. We cooked ourselves going up the shark's fin. Fortunately, Munch @ log cabin in Southmoor provided sustenance and we found shade and a cooling breeze on outdoor benches.

Our pace was somewhat measured in the fierce midday sun as we made our way to the shark's head, aka Steventon Hill. Thank goodness we were wind assisted back along the A413 to Wantage.

We rehydrated in the shade of the garden at King Alfred's Head.