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Tuesday Morning Ride - Aldbourne

 54 km  688 m  02:25  x4  x2
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A fresh WSW wind and some forbidding clouds gave the ride a very autumnal feel but the rain kept off and we had a few brief episodes of sun. The terrain and hedgerows tamed the wind along the springline road and a tight(ish) group ensured that our legs had plenty of zip in them at Fox Hill from where we were blown down to Aldbourne. The Post Office Cafe is quite small and was busy but a table, reserved for a later lunch group, was free. After coffees and rather delicious yogurt topped apple flapjacks (other cakes were available!) we set off with cafe legs up the steep climb out of the village. Sheepdrove and the Letcombes provided us with a relaxed route back to Wantage. Joy peeled off at her house and the remaining three enjoyed a quick drink in the otherwise empty KAH beer garden. Great company and a lovely ride!