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All-day Ride - Chilton Foliat

 94 km  1200 m  04:29  x9  x5
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Fine day for a tour of Oxfordshire and Berkshire lumpy bits, but It didn't seem that hilly (did it?). Five of us at Wantage picked up four more at the monument near Woolley and set off South Eastwards. An attempted Café coup at Yattendon was thwarted (by virtue of it being closed) without mutiny where we turned Westwards. As lunchtime approached a little urgency was injected into the peloton and just before Chilton Foliat, Carol and Matt, escorted by Alan left us for home duties (helping young hedgehogs apparently). Alan returned to join us for a very pleasant and convivial (and quite leisurely!) lunch in the beer garden at the Wheatsheaf. Eventually we got back on the bikes and headed off in search of some more hills. We found some, after Chris left us for some more serious gradients, including the rather pleasant and peaceful Sheepdrove alternative up from Lambourn. Thank you all for your company!