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Away Ride - Test Valley

Chris Walters - 07901 827132
9:00am at Barton Stacey
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Third Sunday – An all-day ride starting away from Wantage, so you'll need to either ride or drive out to the start point. The ride will be Blue or Red grade and include lunch and maybe other refreshment stops. The ride should finish by 17:00 (or 30 minutes before sunset during winter months).

Barton Stacey is just off the A34, so not a long trek from Wantage, and it's an area we've really not explored. There is a small car park there, but sharing cars would mean space for everyone to park.

We start and finish in the Test Valley, heading over to the Wallops and skirting Salisbury before taking late breakfast or early lunch at the Kimbridge Cafe Barn, before wending our way back through Stockbridge (where we might take an afternoon tea).

The ride is just 100km and just hilly, so it's not an excessively hard Red ride.

6:11 pm