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All-day Ride to Oxford

Chris Walters - 07901 827132
9:00am at Wantage Market Place
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First Sunday – An all-day ride starting from Wantage. The ride will be Blue or Red grade and include lunch and maybe other refreshment stops - expect to be be back by 17:30 (or 30 minutes before sunset during winter months).

A special day out using real local knowledge from our born-and-bred Chairman, and although over 100km (just), there are really not many hills on this one.

Taking a rather indirect route out via Sutton Courtenay, Stadhampton and the Haseleys and then heading into Oxford through Cowley, for all you Mini fans.

A roundabout route through Oxford, hitting the cobbles (hopefully not literally) and the canal towpath, before dropping back into Jericho and a tour of the colleges. We will grab lunch where we fancy, possibly in Jericho, but otherwise whatever we can find - if there's more than one bubble it will be pot luck!

Back out through Wytham, with a little diversion to collect a hard-to-get-during-lockdown "square" before we take a couple of interesting routes up to Harcourt Hill and returning via Cumnor, Longworth and Charney Bassett.

Mortar boards optional.

6:35 pm