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Annual General Meeting

Chris Walters - 07901 827132
7:30pm at Online meeting
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This year, due to COVID rules around indoors gatherings, we have decided to run the AGM online via a Zoom meeting. There will be options to attend via a Facebook broadcast or telephoning into the meeting – details will be provided in due course.

Anonymous voting, should that be necessary, will only be possible using Zoom. If anyone would like to attend, but is unsure how to use the technology, please contact Chris as soon as possible, who will be able to help you.

Nominations for Officer posts to be emailed to secretary@corallian.cc before 5th October (NB officers need to be British Cycling individual members).

In accordance with the club constitution, all Officer posts are up for re-election every year. This year, we would like to encourage some diversity within the committee by opening an Ordinary Committee Member post, for which nominees don’t have to be British Cycling individual members.

Motions to amend the club Constitution or operating policies to be mailed to secretary@corallian.cc before 5th October.

Questions and Suggestions to be mailed to secretary@corallian.cc before 12th October.


1. Welcome from Chairman - John Talbot

2. Chairman's Report - John Talbot

3. Treasurer’s Report - Phil Stubbings

4. Secretary's Report - Chris Walters.

5. Ride Secretary's Report - Chris Walters

6. Webmaster’s Report - John Talbot

7. Election of Officers - Chris Walters
a. Chairman
b. Treasurer
c. Secretary
d. Ordinary Committee Member (non-officer)

8. Motions - Chris Walters

9. Q&A and Suggestions - John Talbot
a. Questions / Suggestions addressed to the Officers
b. Questions addressed to the Members

10. Close and slideshow

6:02 pm