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Wednesday Evening Ride

50 km  x4
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Four of us left Alfreds Statue with daunting thoughts about riding the length of the lumpy spring line road, but we were in for a welcome treat.

Luckily, the road was pretty wind-free and sheltered and we made it to Ashbury in a good time. We only had to deal with moderate wind for the mile and a half to Bishopstone where we left the ancient road.

Jon was kind enough to give us a brief tour and introduction to a newly refurbished pub which looks like a good future stop and also showed us a very quiet route out of Bishopstone to Bourton.

Once in Shrivenham, it was obvious the wind was directly on our backs pushing us all the way to Fernham and then onto Baulking.
We rode the well-known wind assisted roads through Goosey to Denchworth and back to Wantage dropping off Jon and Barry earlier in the ride.

Only Louis and I felt the start of the rain just as we were coming into Wantage. We timed that right!

Another excellent Corallian Wednesday ride!