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 122 km  1088 m  05:12  x7
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Ooops - I can't believe I forgot to ride a report for this one!

We had a strong group, so managed a good pace to Wallingford, where I nodded an acknowledgement to a rider outside Bunkfest... it wasn't untilwe got to Benson that I realised it was Jez, who'd ridden over from Reading. To be fair he was incognito in a jersey I'd not seen him in before.

Up onto the Chilterns and the pain of Britwell Hill was dispatched without too much swearing. Undulations followed all the way to Hambledon Weir at Mill End, which features a cleat-scuffing stroll across the top of the weir to get to the path through Remenham to Henley, just in time for a Corallian Breakfast in the sunshine.

Ascending back up to the Chilterns a second time was tough in the heat, so after we said goodbye to Jez around Christmas Common, and ice-cream stop in Goring was very happily taken. Back on more familiar lanes, the McMillan Machine gave himself a bit of a stretch back to Wantage while the rest of us ambled back at a more appropriate rate for the heat.