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Social and pub quiz

A night of controversy! Firstly no food. So Louis had to nip of and grab a snack. The quiz started later than expected, so we pitched in, but no sooner had we started then Phil was accused of cheating by Herr Quizmaster, confiscating his phone and looking through his browser history, clearly finding nothing.

We carried on, by this time on the third quiz host as the previous two were unable to pronounce "confectionery". And the question around the phonetic alphabet was either what is "s" or what is "f" - it was hard to tell. The final scandal was the old "how many edges does a 50p piece have" and any fool knows it's 21 apart from the triumphant google-brandishing quizmaster - clearly online trumps basic understanding of what an edge is, and how to count beyond 20 without taking your shoes and socks off.

Anyhow, we came second again, so it was drinks on the house for everyone except Mike, who came too late to pay his entry fee.

Controversy aside, a very convivial evening!