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The Lost Village of Imber

 104 km  966 m  04:31  x6  x19
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A glorious Easter Sunday which seemed to have meant everybody had gone to the seaside as the roads were almost completely deserted all the way around this ride!

We meandered leisurely past the white horse at Alton Barnes as there was no rush to get to Imber as it didn't open until 11am. More lanes to West Lavington and then the climb up The Warren before turning off at Gore Cross to begin the ride across the Imber Ranges.

The Ranges are an interesting place, totally deserted, almost totally silent, no habitations, pylons or anything else to be seen for miles around. And then you see Imber Church nestled in a small valley ahead totally isolated in the middle of nowhere.

We arrived at the church at bang on 11am and explored the church and some had refreshments. We then ambled through the rest of the village taking in the apocalyptic street scenes used for urban combat practice.

The road across the Ranges towards Warminster is a scene of desolation, scrubland littered with the wrecks of tanks, an astonishing place and well worth visiting on the few days a year you are allowed to cross.

From Warminster we joined the Wylye Valley to Boyton where we had lunch (or late breakfast) at the Ginger Piggery, a lovely spot for a break. The rest of the Talbot family joined us for lunch before they went on to visit Imber.

More quiet lanes followed until we eventually got to Amesbury which was a bit busier, Paul was taken by surprise by a car bowling down the old road now used as a cycle route. Nearly needed a clean chamois!

The road north is pretty undulating and it was quite hot in the Sun so the pace dropped a little but it didn't take too long before we were back in Pewsey to find the shop had sold out of ice creams (doh)

Great ride, great company. Thanks for coming along :)