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The Harlequin Hack

 110 km  788 m  05:00  x12
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Eleven Corallian members completed the event today. Ken, unfortunately, double punctured and had to DNF before the finish. There were about 90 finishers, to be confirmed once I've gone through the results.

A bright but cold start which quickly clouded over with an easterly breeze. Most finishers looked quite chilly!!

Thanks to Nick, June, Tracey, Jasmine, Sue, Hugo, Chris, Chris and Katherine for all your help today.

A few comments from riders...

"Thanks everybody for yesterday's great ride. Super quiet route. And thanks again for the catering!"

"Thank you for holding enjoyable BP. I really enjoyed my first Audax event in UK. The course was well set up and enjoyed beautiful sceneries very much. I like to thank you to all of your club members who supported the event. I could see there were so much of hospitality everywhere."