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All-day Ride - Windrush

 81 km  470 m  03:31  x9
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After a pretty barren February, at least we managed to get March off to a better start. It was nippy and windy, but at least the sun was out, and it was a pretty good turnout of nine riders.

Nice tailwinds all the way to Cumnor were very welcome for those of us with stale legs. It did manage to become a headwind though as we traversed to the north of Witney. John found a pothole in Curbridge that generated a wheel buckle and a puncture, but with repairs quickly dispatched and the brake gap widened, we we on our way without too much fuss.

Aston Pottery looked busy so we pushed on for 5 minutes to Bampton Garden Plants, where lunches of varying types were consumed. I felt particularly aligned, having leeks in my quiche on St David's day.

Standard return route, but near to Grove the wind made it's presence felt, and the last 10 minutes were rather a drag!

At around Farmoor, we passed a couple of club milestones - Chris hitting 15,000 km total club distance, and Nick hitting 10,000km!