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Morning Ride

 58 km  209 m  02:25  x3  x1
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A very warm (actually wet and windy!) welcome to Caroline on her first club ride. Considering the state of the roads, Route B was enacted today, heading to Bampton via Fyfield and Yelford.

I kept suggesting that it was "brightening up", but every time I did, the weather seemed to redouble efforts to put us off. Anyhow, we took a very leisurely coffee / cake / breakfast stop in the dry, to discover on the way out that it was Mike's birthday - Happy Birthday Mike!

Taking the direct route home, it was rather less damp, although the rain didn't really finish until we stopped riding. The wind did pick though, so the last bit back from Charney Bassett into the headwind was rather a slog.

Anyhow, it was a lovely ride, despite the dampness!