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Away Ride - Lechlade

 80 km  318 m  03:18  x10  x3
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Ten riders is a decent number for December... I'm sure the weather helped, although driving over the top of the Ridgeway, I'm surprised we stayed as dry as we did!

Well, we stayed dry until after Purton, where we found some decent submerged roads to road along. Not quite axle deep....

Motorists seemed rather impatient today, with a few idiots to contend with.

Brunch at Lechlade garden centre was rather good, and we we swamped by a good group from Didcot Phoenix, but the food came out reasonably quickly anyhow.

Having the wind behind us helped munch the miles back to Uffington with a few early departures along the way.

Thanks to everyone for a very chilled and social group - it was very easy to lead the ride!