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Wednesday Ride - flat to Blewbury

 60 km  296 m  02:22  x7  x1
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A lovely sunny, if somewhat windy, autumn day.

As usual we gathered in the busy market place. Several considered joining the queue for the fish stall, but this was set aside given practical questions of where to keep the fish during the ride. A last minute arrival pushed us from six to seven, so we split into two bubbles.

The first half of the ride was flat in mostly open countryside with a strong tailwind - cycling is easy under such conditions. Then we hit Sires Hill and turned into the wind. This slowed us somewhat.

The two bubbles arrived at Savages within a minute of each other. We sat in the warm sunshine at separate tables enjoying our rolls and chat at the Sunny Acre cafe.

The route took us along the A417 for two kilometres to Upton where we turned onto Chilton Road, newly converted from road to cycle only - very nice! The last few kilometres were undulating but generally sheltered from the stiff headwind.

A great ride - thanks for the company.