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Morning Ride

 57 km  637 m  02:29  x6  x2
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Six riders turned up for what was going to be a hilly ride. Pete was unsure as to whether he should have got out of bed but I managed to convince him it would be worth it. We were also joined by Glyn, who we have not seen for a while. The ride up Hackpen was very orderly, as we all arrived at the job pretty well together. The climb up Ashbury Hill was not quite so orderly, but we all made it and we headed down into Lambourn for a well earned coffee. Pam left us at this point to head home for lunch guests. After refreshments we headed across to Great Shefford to make our way back to Wantage. Andy left us to head home via Farnborough, while the remaining four continued onto Wantage. A very enjoyable ride and only encountered one idiot in white MX5 (Pete is probably still trying to hunt them down!)