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Wantage to Dorcester-on-Thames Tuesday Ride

 74 km  433 m  03:06  x7  x1
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The ride today was unusual for many reasons, the sun was out, it was warm, and John Groves joined us, back from his trip to Zimbabwe. It was also a ride with a far bit of discipline, but also some impetuous behaviour, particular by Mr Wrench. At one point he appeared to have aspirations of being a Didcot Phoenix Expresso rider as he hunted down a Didcot Phoenix rider who passed us near the Harwell site. Fair play to him, he caught the rider at the Rowstock roundabout!! Overall, it was a most enjoyable ride, feeling the warm sun back again, made everyone seem more energised, however, it was not enough to entice anyone to the King Alfred’s Head for a drink – sorry John maybe next time!