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Winter Evening Ride

 35 km  171 m  01:29  x6
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A very cold night, but all 6 riders were up for a good ride. There wasn't any ice, but there was plenty of wind.

We held a good pace out of Wantage, but alas the ride leader was burnt out by Baulking. I decided to let everyone off the lead and left them to tackle Uffington while Mike and i took a short cut to Fernham via Uffington Station.

A spirited dash along the Shellingford Road to Gainfield and on to Charney where John Boaler got a slow puncture. After a few emergency inflations we got to the Fox for a drink and a natter. I gave Jon a lift home after so he didn't have to worry about fixing a flat in the dark and cold.

We will make sure Ben Heavers gets added to the ride and future list soon. Welcome to the club Ben :)