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Welcome Ride - Saddleback

 49 km  448 m  02:09  x14  x2
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More lovely sunshine. It would be great if this is the start of a long hot summer - but I fear it is just temporary respite from the bad weather. A good turn out, but who wouldn't want to come out to play when it is so lovely outside? Welcome to Paula and Jerry - so 14 of us in all.

We started with a warm up through the Letcombes and then a climb up Hackpen hill. The wind was against us all the down into Lambourn but it was still a lovely ride with views across the downs. Then along the valley road and much appreciation for the new tarmac around Eastbury, a brief break from calling out all the holes in the road.

We split into two groups at Great Shefford and Terry led the first at a faster pace. On to Boxford and then a left turn to meander up to Brightwalton and then down to Saddlebacks.

Lovely to sit out in the sunshine and enjoy a coffee and sausage sarnie. The final quick blast back to Wantage through Farnborough and then down Chain Hill.