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Welcome Ride - Abingdon

 53 km  194 m  02:10  x10
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An impressive turnout of eleven riders, despite the poor forecast. Welcome to Owen Killminster on his second Corallian ride, and Karl Blake on his first. For once, the meteorologists got it right: it started to rain bang on 9 a.m. and just got heavier and heavier throughout the morning. A character-building ride. Richard took a short detour up the A420 at the Longworth roundabout but soon regained the fold. We dripped into R&R in Abingdon for refreshment, although Andy and Claire elected to head straight home, having ridden to the start. “Fastest route home” was the collective decision, so we turned right in Steventon and crossed Cow Common. By this time the road edges were flooding and passing cars threw-up impressive sprays of water to add to the general feeling of comfort and wellbeing. Inevitably the group split a little in the final stages; indeed, given the atrocious conditions, it would have been difficult and dangerous to hold a strict peloton. All riders safely accounted for at the finish, however, and no significant incidents to report. My bike is looking remarkably clean, if a little damp.