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Winter Evening Ride

 38 km  152 m  01:43  x4
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Riding in from Charney Bassett, it was clear tonight was going to be a cold one. A quick coffee at the mercifully still-open Costa was a godsend. Great to see Mike out again after his ailments, and also Adrian after his nearly-terminal man-flu.

We decided to head out to Hanney straight up the A338 rather than through Denchworth to meet Barry (also on the mend from his ailments!), who was in Grove when we got to West Hanney. So we looked at the stars and the Milky Way for 10 minutes, and then all set off on the Plan B route to Fyfield, Hinton Waldrist and Pusey. Pockets of cold air and freezing fog made us gasp for breath at regular intervals, or at least, that's what the excuse was!

Arriving at the Chequers dead-on the planned time of 8:30 was perfect, and it was lovely to quaff beer and chips in the warm to finish up the evening.