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Wednesday Evening Ride

 28 km  185 m  01:15  x7
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7 riders assembled for an evening ride out to Kingston Lisle, including a new rider Paul Bentley.

The sun was shining and some legs were on view as we set off down Church Street but then we had to wait for the road work lights at Ham Road, then down to the Letcombes and up Holburn Hill where Nick S waited for me to catchup as my usual position is at the back of the peleton, but unfortunately I'd already got up the hill and was waiting for him at the junction of the B4001 (doh) we eventually met up and continued. Through Chilton and Sparshot to Kingston Lisle the peleton kept up a good pace then flew down the hill to Baulking, then followed the normal route back to Wantage and a pint (or 2) at the Pub just on sunset.

A lovely sunny evening for ride lets hope we get plenty more.