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Morning Ride - Abingdon

 64 km  352 m  02:34  x11  x1
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A perfect day for riding. Sunny, not too hot, virtually no wind. Eleven riders were easily split into two bubbles with Louis leading Bubble One off at 9am.

The riding was easy and convivial and we made good time. Bubble Two caught up Bubble One in Wootton and took the lead up Boar's Hill where both bubbles socially distanced.

Not long after we met again at adjacent tables in Abingdon Market Place and refreshments were obtained from R&R. This is a lovely space for a stop on a nice day, when will Wantage Market Place look like this?

We varied from the published route on the way back and enjoyed the lovely new surface on Peep O'Day Lane, why the new Wantage-Harwell path can't be like this who knows?

Bubble Two went via Ginge and Lockinge as we had time and it was such a lovely day whilst Bubble One down to a few riders after some had peeled off home went via the A-Road. Both groups were back at Wantage around 12:30pm.

Excellent ride everyone. Well done :)

Bubble One = Louis, Steve, Andy, Claire, Richard, Nick S

Bubble Two = John T, John G, Paul, Nick D, Ken