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Welcome Ride - Abingdon

 62 km  312 m  02:34  x7
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The weather forecast looked to be OK. Only one of the Holiday Club made it out. The bubble size of 6 was just perfect.

We made good pace on the undulating part of the Spring Line Road and then picked up the pleasant westerly from Fernham to deliver us express-style towards Abingdon. We also picked up Richard near Hinton Waldrist, breaking bubble etiquette briefly - Pam was planning to leave the ride before coffee anyway.

On arrival at Abingdon, Pam left us and the heavens opened. Fortunately Costa had some indoor socially distanced seats, so we donned our face masks and held up the shop. I had made a comment earlier, having seen the skies, that if it rained, I'd eat my helmet. Fortunately (polystyrene is not my culinary favourite) it threw it down as we left Abingdon. Really heavy rain as we traversed the lovely new surface of Peep O'day Lane.

Mike left us at Steventon to bag a few more miles, and the main body of the ride carried on down the A338, pretty bedraggled.