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Welcome Ride

 56 km  420 m  02:15  x11
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11 riders this morning, with forecast rain around 13:00...

Bubble 1 was led off by Nick S (thanks!), with Pam, Mike, Pete, Louis and Larry in tow.

No dramas on the way out, save for a SMIDSY moment (one of bubble 2
perpetrated!) in Uffington.

The Carpenters' Canteen in Coleshill were really well set up for cycling groups, and we got our food and drink in good time... the Apple Crumble Cake was to die for.

A group from Newbury Road Club arrived, so I took an oportunity for a distanced natter with a couple of old friends in that group.

The journet back was as uneventful on the way out, with Paul leaving us in Grove. 12:20 back at WMP, so me, Mike and Pete had a very pleasant lunch and coffee at Marmalade, and right on cue there were a few spots at 13:00.